Save Me (Mature Content)

I'm Crystal and I get abused. I escaped my father's grasp and met One Direction. Now I live with them. Problem is, I have grown feelings for Niall and Harry and my dad is on a mission to find me. What do I do? Who do I choose? What's going to happen? Read to find out!


8. Chapter 6

Harry's POV

I was drunk and this girl was flirting with me. What do you expect me to do? Ignore her? Of course not. I made out with her and I caught a glimpse of Crystal. She looked hurt. What am I doing? I love Crystal! Why am I with this girl? I pulled away but saw that Crystal was grinding with another guy and soon enough, she was making out with him. I tried to make her jealous so I made out with that girl again. When I looked back, he was leading her out of the club. I kinda assumed what was going to happen so I just have to deal with it. How I deal with stuff is by having one night stands. I brought this girl home with me and we started stripping each other down. It's not like Crystal cares. She's probably having sex with that guy at this moment.

Crystal's POV

I wasn't a virgin. I've had sex with Cody during the first few months we were together. This isn't that big of a deal. It's just going to be a one night stand and neither of us will remember it by tomorrow. During the walk to his house, he snatched my phone and placed his number in then texted himself to get my number. I'm probably just going to delete this number after tonight anyways. I saw that his name is Ryan. I remember that name, I just don't know from where. 

Ryan's POV:

It's been a year or so since Crystal left and since I moved to London. I tried to find her for the past year and I've never had. Her dad is looking for her to. He doesn't know she's in London. Which is good. I decided I would just go to the club 'Cold Sweat' which was a few minutes away from my house. I saw this really pretty girl so I started dancing with her. She looked like she was trying to get somebody jealous but I was too drunk to care. We started making out and I lead her out of the club to go to my house. I snatched her phone so I could get her number and she could have mine. I don't really know what the purpose of that is but it's good to have. I got to see her face more clearly when we went outside. She looks familiar but I'm probably just seeing things. She said her name was Crystal. Crystal... No, this can't be her. It's probably just a different Crystal. Ehh. Whatever.

Crystal's POV 

Once we got into his home, we started making out again and I felt his boner grow back. I smiled at the thought that I did this to him. I ripped off his shirt and saw that he had really enhanced abs and a fine V-line. That just turned me on even more and he could tell. He ripped the dress off me and I was left in my black lace underwear. I decided not to wear a bra because my dress was strapless so. He stared at my body and licked his lips. I pulled down his pants and his black boxers looked like it was straining his dick. He carried me and I wrapped my legs around him. I started to drip onto him because I was that wet. Then, he stopped kissing me. 

Ryan's POV

We got to my apartment, and she started stripping me. We made out for a while until we were both in our underwear. Although i was intoxicated, I knew I've seen her before. I recognized her. It was Crystal. I stopped kissing her. I couldn't have sex with her. She will never forgive me even though we were both drunk. I just set her in my bed and made her sleep.

Niall POV

It was now 2 AM and I'm the designated driver so I gathered everyone to bring them home. 

"Where are Harry and Crystal?" I groan to them.

"I saw Harry leave with some blonde chick and Crystal leaving with a hot guy." Someone replied. 

"Great." I say.

I brought them all back to the house and texted Harry. 

To: Hazza 

"Where are you?"

From: Hazza

"Upstairs. Don't let anyone come up." 

"Harry's upstairs with some girl. He says to not go up." I inform everyone. 

Ryan's POV


~Next Morning~

Crystal's POV

I woke up naked next to some stranger. "Oh no, no, no. This couldn't have happened." I whisper to myself. Instantly, a pain in my head occurred. Great. I tried looking for my clothes. Then he woke up. 

Ryan's POV

"Crystal?" I say. 

"Ryan?" She replies, "Did we... have sex yesterday?" 

"uhm, no. We were drunk and you stripped both of us. I recognized you and I just set you in my bed to sleep. I couldn't take over you even though we were both drunk. Are you okay?" 

"I just have a headache." 

Crystal's POV

It is Ryan. The same Ryan who was my best friend. And I almost had sex with him. This is why I don't drink. Then all the memories came flooding back. How Harry was making out with that girl. How Ryan brought me to his home. How we almost had sex. How could I have let this happen? I need to leave. I stood up and fell right away. Ryan came back with advil and helped me up. I tried standing again and walking, and I didn't fall this time. I went to look for my clothes. I just went to get my dress. I have no idea where my underwear went to I guess I'll be nude under this dress. I walked back home. The pain has subsided but it still hurt a bit. I walked into the house and all eyes were on me. 

"Uh, hi guys, I'm just going to head up and shower." I walked into Harry and I's room and saw him with some girl. They were both naked. I ran out and into the bathroom. 

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