Save Me (Mature Content)

I'm Crystal and I get abused. I escaped my father's grasp and met One Direction. Now I live with them. Problem is, I have grown feelings for Niall and Harry and my dad is on a mission to find me. What do I do? Who do I choose? What's going to happen? Read to find out!


2. Chapter 1

Crystal's POV

I groaned as my alarm rang. I hated going to school. People would always bully me. Yeah. Not like I don't have enough problems at home. I've never had much friends, only Cody, my boyfriend, and Ryan, my best friend. Cody was the popular type so I still have no idea what made him want to date me. But hey, I'm not complaining. He's cute. (this is how i imagine Cody to look like. ) I don't think Cody really likes Ryan, but hey, that's his problem. I have to admit, I used to have a teeny tiny crush on Ryan. (how I imagine Ryan would look like ) He doesn't know that though, neither does Cody. I feel like Cody is jealous of Ryan, but whatever. I got ready for work. Just one more month and I'm out of here. I wore a plaid shirt with white shorts, red toms, light makeup, and put my hair in a bun with a red bow. ( 

~at school~

"Hey Cody! Hey Ryan!" I say while going up to Cody and kissing him. Ryan looked really awkward. Wonder what's wrong, I'll have to ask him. 

~skips to end of school because its boring~

Ryan's POV

"Hey Crystal, wanna come over and watch movies?" I ask her. I like Crystal. I've actually liked her since the first time I've met her. She can't know and neither can anyone else. It'll ruin everything. "Sure!" She says cheekily. "Actually, no. She won't come over. We're hanging out today." Replied Cody. I hated him. He's not good for her. He's cheating on her with some slut. He's been cheating on her for a year, ever since he found out that her dad abuses here and she has all those scars. I can't tell her. She will be so depressed and start cutting again. She cut when her mom died and I made her promise not to do it ever again, but I'm scared she'll just start up again. "Actually, no I'm not going anywhere with any of you. I'm going home" She said as she walked away. 

Crystal's POV

I went home and ran straight up to my room. I have no idea what's going on with Cody. He was acting weird ever since I told him about the abuse and the scars I have. I feel like something is off but I just don't know. "Crystal!" I heard my dad scream. Probably for another beating. I'm so used to this now that I'm prepared for the worse. I walked down and immediately got slapped and kicked to the ground. I began to feel unconscious. I have got to escape.


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