When It All Fell Down

It all fell down when I fell in love with you. It all fell down when I talked to you. It all fell down when I laughed with you, sat with you, looked into your eyes, and smiled with you. But now, I've fallen down because you've broken my heart. (Dedicated to Eduardo, Jose, and Filiberto.)


12. They're What?!

-Jade's P.O.V.-

I walked through the gates of the school feeling cheerful for some reason. I walked over to Victoria and Zayn, who were talking and laughing at the table.

"Hey guys." I greeted when I sat down. "Hey." Greeted back Victoria but Zayn just looked down not making eye contact. 

"Are you okay Zayn? I asked him. 

Nodding, he looked up. "Yeah." From this point on, there was a slight silence.

That is, until Mr. Styles came and started chattering. "Dude, we went out on a date yesterday and she took me to her house and we-" "No details, please." Zayn glared at him.

What? He has girlfriend now? 

I hope it's not Amber....

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