When It All Fell Down

It all fell down when I fell in love with you. It all fell down when I talked to you. It all fell down when I laughed with you, sat with you, looked into your eyes, and smiled with you. But now, I've fallen down because you've broken my heart. (Dedicated to Eduardo, Jose, and Filiberto.)


4. P.E. Time

-Jade's P.O.V.-

Fifth period was over and now we made our way to the locker rooms, seeing Amber as we walked in. We quickly got dressed. 

As soon as we got out of the locker rooms, we saw Harry and Zayn walking out, as well.

Victoria's grip tightened on my arm as Zayn smiles at her.

I heard both of them laugh and Harry whisper,"Told you she like you." 

Zayn now smirked at Victoria, making her already blush grow.

Harry waved at me and I blushed. 

Wow, I am crazy for him. 

We took deep breaths as we made our way through the gate, and to our spots.

As soon as we got there, we released our breaths and fan-girled. I mean, why wouldn't we?!

I mean our crushes clearly said 'Hi' to us, and I loved that one second of it.

"Did you hear what Harry told Zayn?" Victoria asked.

"Yeah, he told Zayn that you like him!" I laughed.

"It's not that funny..." She blushed.

"It's hilarious!" 

"Well I would say the same about you and Harry!" She said and smacked my arm.

"What about me?" I turned and saw the perfect curly-haired boy standing in front of me. "Uh, um, n-nothing!" I stuttered. 

Victoria burst out laughing, Harry doing the same.

"Oh, hey Jose!" I made my way over to him to cover up my embarrassment.

~Victoria's POV 

"That was hilarious!" I laughed.

"It was!" Harry kept laughing and laughing 'till Zayn came over and helped me settle him down. 

"Thanks, Zayn. He really needed to calm down," I smiled.

"No problem," That little smirk he did there made blush like crazy.

"Zayn! Get over here and stop flirting with that young lady!" His PE teacher yelled, making the entire class laugh. "Guess I'll see you later, cutie," He winked, poked my nose, and walked off to his class. 

My heart flutters literally every time he talks, smiles, looks at me, or does anything with me.

Im falling for Zayn Malik.


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