When It All Fell Down

It all fell down when I fell in love with you. It all fell down when I talked to you. It all fell down when I laughed with you, sat with you, looked into your eyes, and smiled with you. But now, I've fallen down because you've broken my heart. (Dedicated to Eduardo, Jose, and Filiberto.)


5. Feelings

-Jade's P.O.V.-

Next morning I woke up and quickly changed and ate . 

When I was done I got in the car and my mom drove me to school. Sadly, I don't have my drivers license yet. It's not that funny...

 I got there and went to our usual table. "Hey guys." I said while staring at Harry in the distance. "Hey Jade what are you starring at?" asked Brianna.

"What? Nothing." i replied

"Sure" she said.

I saw, again, that Osiris has been a bit distant. "Hey are you alright Osiris?" I asked her. 

"Yeah." she said. 


"Hey guys, are you going to the fair?" I asked

"Yea how about you?" answered our friend Freddy. "Yep." I replied. 

Just then, Victoria came and sat next to me. 

She was looking a little distant today, similar to Osiris' behavior. Everyone started asking her what was wrong, because she usually acts so happy and crazy.

"Nothings wrong, I'm fine." 

Everyone who's hiding something always plasters a fake smile on their face, and that's not okay. I just won't bother her, she probably had a bad day yesterday. 

"Are you sure? Have you cut yourself, Tori?" We all looked at her, thanks to Freddy's question. Her response was,"I'm not that stupid." 

It was a good question; she does wear a lot of bracelets. But that's her liking to do, and us to not interfere with.

-Victoria's POV-

We all got up and walked to our classes, Jade at my side. "Hey Tori, hey Jade." A deep, raspy voice said. 

I smirked at Jade, since we both knew who it was. But then she smirked at me instead.

Zayn was with him.

"Hey guys", For some reason, I started blushing crazily. "You ok there?" I nodded,"I'm okay, one hundred percent!" 

They laughed. "Hey Victoria, d-do wanna walk together?" My heart just literally exploded. "I would love to."

As we left, Harry shouted. "Get some!" Zayn turned around and flipped him off, making me laugh so hard. 

* * * *

"So have you ever played Grand Theft Auto?" "Yes! I love that game!" I shrieked a little to loud. 

"Look what you've done, Zayn, you got her screaming a little too loud. What are you doing to her?" 

Oh. My. God. 

"We can't tell, it's our little secret." Zayn smirked at Harry. 


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