When It All Fell Down

It all fell down when I fell in love with you. It all fell down when I talked to you. It all fell down when I laughed with you, sat with you, looked into your eyes, and smiled with you. But now, I've fallen down because you've broken my heart. (Dedicated to Eduardo, Jose, and Filiberto.)


2. 2 Weeks After

    2 weeks later....

-Jade's POV-

I walked into the class and saw Victoria talking to Harry.

I walked over to my seat and started starring at them and realized Harry had a nice smile. Well that's cute I thought.

"Oh hey Jade." said Victoria.

"Hey Tori." I replied. "Whats up." said Harry. "Whats Up." I replied to him to. Right after Zayn came and sat down. "Hey Victoria." he said.

"Hey Zayn." she said. They started talking and I found myself starring at Harry.

He turned around and saw me and then smiled and gave a little wave. I gave him a little wave back.

Class started and next thing you knew it ended. We were on our way to Ms. Palamino's class and when I turned around I saw Harry starring at me.


I now know I have feelings for the one and only Harry Styles. 

-Harry's POV

I was on my way at Ms.Palamino's class wondering why Jade was starring at me. Did I do something wrong? Oh right, she caught me starring at her. That's embarrassing... 

"Hey Jade," I smiled.

"Hello Harry." 

We did the hand shake, consisting of us sliding our hands together then curling it up into a fist and bumping it together.

"Guess I'll see you later then, huh?" I asked.

"Yeah sure," She blushed. 

We went to our seats and sat down next to my partner, Amber. "Hi Harry," She smiled, showing off her not-so-pearly-white-teeth.

"Amber," I mumbled. 

"Stop it!" She giggled hitting my shoulder quite hard.

I rolled my eyes, I hate girls like that.

That's why I vow to never date her.


~Zayn's POV~ 

"Haha! That's so funny!" Victoria said, laughing out loud. 

I laughed along to Victoria's loud laugh that echoed through the room, everyone staring at us as she tried settling down.

She looked down, still calming down from the joke I told her.

"As I was saying," Ms.Palamino continued.

I wasn't paying attention to her as I was starring at Victoria. She is beautiful. She has a nice laugh and smile. I think I might be crushing on her. 

"Mr.Malik, care to explain who your making Googly Eyes at?"

Everyone tried to hold in their laughter. "I, um, I was just thinking." 

She rose her eyebrows,"Pay attention." 


She continued on with the lesson, me continuing on with staring at Victoria. 

~Victoria's POV~

I can see Zayn staring at me!

I wanted to look at him to, but he would probably think I'm weird.

"Your going to get with your partners and write down the four rules of propaganda."said Ms.Palamino "

"Hey Victoria wanna be my partner?" asked Zayn."Yeah sure."I replied I probably sound like an idiot but I did like the guy. He is cute. I think he might like me back. 

~Harry's P.O.V.~

As soon as Ms.Palamino said we could work with a partner Amber asked me right away. I could see Jade looking at us from afar and she looked sad."Um sorry but no. I am gonna work with Jade." I told her. As I said her name she gave a look of disgust.

I went over to Jades desk. "Hey Jade wanna be my partner." I asked."Yeah of course." She said, instantly looking happy.

That is a lovely smile she is smiling. 

I've never seen her smile like that before, but it's very lovely.

"So, let's start with number one." I smiled.


I scooted closer to her, my arm against hers. 

"Oh my god," She said under her breath.

I smirked,"Is propaganda always negative? Why or why not?"  

"Well......" She started.

~Victoria's POV~

Zayn was super close to me, and I liked it.

We only had three questions done; we were just fooling around the whole time.

"Ok, there was this one time," Zayn laughed,"When I was playing soccer, and slipped and fell on my face. My hair got ruined, and my face was hurting like crazy!" 

"Oh my god!" I laughed.

He looked into my eyes and smiled, me doing the same.

*5th Period*

"Oh my gosh, I think I'm starting to like Harry!" Jade squealed.

"I can tell!! But Zayn's....I don't know if I like him yet."

"Oh, ok. Sure you don't know," She winked as we entered the room.

We made our way over to our other friends, Zayn on my mind.



Like it? Don't? Pretty sure you don't : / thamks....












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