Beach House

Sam, the girl who promised not to fall in love with the new guests. Finds herself falling for no other than Harry Styles. Sam doesn't know who the band One Direction is. Will she find it in her heart to put aside past heart breaks to be with Harry or will she stick with her rule.


9. The next morning

Harry's POV

After Sam made my sandwich we talked a little and then we went to bed. Not in the same as I had hoped though. Anyways back to me waking up.

My eyes fluttered opened, a stream of sunlight came into my room. I sat up and looked for my phone. I started to panic when I couldn't find it. I jumped out of bed. I finally found it under the bed. I quickly checked twitter. After that I put on a Rolling Stones shirt and some sweat pants, since I had no plans for going out. I left the room quietly since it was still early. I thought I would go visit Niall since he's always up early. I walked over to his room. I didn't bother to knock. I opened the door to see Emily walking to the bathroom with nothing but her bra and underwear on. She gasped when she saw me, which made Niall wake up. He ran over to her with a blanket and covered her. Me and Niall have each other a look. Them started to crack up laughing.

"So you two, uh, riding the hobby horse?" I asked with a smirk.

"That's none of you business" Emily answered, while at the same time Niall was nodding like an idiot. This made me laugh even more.

"Just don't tell Sam" I nodded and crossed my heart. I walked out of Niall's room saying how proud I was of Niall. I walked down stairs to get breakfast. Sam was there eating cereal. When she saw me coming a smile grew on her face, which made me feel all warm inside.

"Do you want me to make you something?" She asked getting up from her chair.

"No it's fine, cereal is ok" I said as I got out a bowl and milk. I made myself cereal and sat across from her. She started to giggle. It was the cutest thing ever.

"What's so funny?" I asked smirking at her. Sam got up from her chair and walked over to me. She sat in my lap. Her touch sent chills in my body. She put her left hand over my shoulder and pushed herself closer. She swung her other arm across my remaining shoulder.

"Wha-what are you doing?" My voice cracked, my breath hitched. Damn this girl knew how to get a rattle out of me. She let out a giggle. She played with my curls. Tugging and pulling on them. I let out a small moan. She started to giggle even more. She looked into my eyes and bit her lips. She pressed her lips against mine. They were soft and glossy. I brushed the bottom part of her lips for access, she opened her mouth and I slipped my tongue in. I explored her mouth, she explored mine. She then pulled apart from my lips and went to my neck. She sucked lightly on my neck, biting every once in a while. I moaned and smiled. I finally got her.


"Harry? Harrrrrryyyyyy?" Sam shock her hands in front of my face. I got knocked out of my daydream. Which was so perfect.

"Yeah I'm here, I'm fine" at least I think so.

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