Beach House

Sam, the girl who promised not to fall in love with the new guests. Finds herself falling for no other than Harry Styles. Sam doesn't know who the band One Direction is. Will she find it in her heart to put aside past heart breaks to be with Harry or will she stick with her rule.


7. Surprise

Liam’s POV

I ran upstairs as fast as I could. I went to Niall’s room and no one was there. I checked Zayn’s room, no one was there. I finally cheeked Harry’s room. Everyone was there playing video games. I quickly shut the door and turned the TV.

“Aye! What was that for!? I was winning!” Niall shouted.

“We have a problem…” I said looking at Harry.

“Why are you looking at me?” Harry asked shaking out his curls.

“Uh, maybe cause the problem is Sam…” I said scratching the back of my head.

“What happened?” Louis asked taking off his shirt and putting on one of Harry’s.

“It’s her, she’s the girl. The girl Josh kept talking about when he first started working with us” I took a deep breath. Harry’s eyes grew wide.

“Do we tell her?” Zayn asked looking at Harry. Harry shook his head.

“No, if I ever want to be with her, and tell her this, then she will never go out with me. I looked at all of them who agreed with Harry. If she ever found out she will never be our friend again. 

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