Beach House

Sam, the girl who promised not to fall in love with the new guests. Finds herself falling for no other than Harry Styles. Sam doesn't know who the band One Direction is. Will she find it in her heart to put aside past heart breaks to be with Harry or will she stick with her rule.


4. Love

Josh's POV

How was I going to tell Sam about my huge job offer with some new band, what was the name...oh yeah! One direction. I guess I will just break the news to her when we go on our date tonight. Or maybe tomorrow.

My phone started to ring. I answered my phone with a hello.

"Hi is this Josh Devine?"

"Yeah, this is he"

"Hey, this is Harry from One direction, me and the lads wanted to hang out with you since we will be spending so much time with us"

"Uh, yeah when do you want to hang out?"

"How about tomorrow?"

"I can't tomorrow I'm going to hang out with my girlfriend"

"Ok, then just call me at this number when you can"


 I ran upstairs to my room and grabbed my car keys. I ran back down stairs. I opened the front door and ran to my car. I had to get all of Sam's favorite things so when I tell her she won't be as sad or angry.

I first drove to Redbox to rent Sam's favorite movies. I got The Breakfast club, pretty in pink, 16 Candles, and Grease.

Then I went to her favorite pizza place. I got a large pepperoni pizza with extra pepperoni.

I drove back to the house and ran up to Sam's room. I laid down a blanket. I lit some candles and turned off the lights in her room. 

Sam's door opened to reveal a perky Sam. Her eyes looked around her room. 

"Oh my god, Josh! Did you do this all for me?" Sam asked coming into her room.

"No, I did it for the Queen. Of course I did it for you!" I said pulling Sam into a hug. She hugged back with a smile on her face. 

"Thank you" She said stilling holding me.

We pulled away and I lead her to the blanket on the floor. She sat down next to me. I pressed play on the movie and The Breakfast club started to play. Sam gasped. "I love this movie!" I let out a chuckle. 

Halfway through the movie I grabbed the pizza box for the top of her bedside table. She let out another gasp. We ate the all the pizza. I then took out the strawberries, Sam freaked out again. After we ate the strawberries Sam laid her head on my shoulder and we watched the rest of the movie. 

After the movie ended I decided I was going to tell Sam about the job. The movie ended and the moment had come.

"Sam, I uh have to tell you something...."

"What is it Josh?"

"I got a job offer, as a drummer for a band"

"Thant's great! When do we get to meet them? When do they come here?"

"That's just it, they live in England...I leave in 3 days..."

"What? When did you get the job offer?"

"A month ago..."

Sam’s eyes started to water, she turned her head and I could hear her sob quietly. I put my hand on her shoulder. She pulled it away from me.


“Just go… just go” she cut me off.

I got up and opened the door. “I love you” I closed the door and left, she never answered.

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