Beach House

Sam, the girl who promised not to fall in love with the new guests. Finds herself falling for no other than Harry Styles. Sam doesn't know who the band One Direction is. Will she find it in her heart to put aside past heart breaks to be with Harry or will she stick with her rule.


6. Dinner

Ashley was putting the table as I finished cooking the burgers.

“Do you really think we shouldn't date the boys? I mean, they are really nice…”

“No, Ana, just stop” I interrupted. Ana went back to putting the table.

“Dinners ready!” I shouted over the sound of the burger sizzling. There was a sound of feet running down the stairs and then 5 seconds later a very hungry Niall came inside the kitchen.

“I’m so hungry!” Niall grabbed his stomach.

“Then why didn't you eat a snack?”

“Liam said that I shouldn't eat all of your food in one day”

I started to laugh really hard as I put a plate of burgers on the middle of the table. The rest of the boys came down stairs and sat down.

“This looks great, thanks Sam” Liam said with a warm smile.

I smiled in return and sat down in my usual seat. Harry sat in front of me. I rolled my eyes at him. I felt a foot brush up against mine. I looked at Harry with a raised eyebrow. He gave me the cheekiest smile I have ever seen.  I kicked the foot away.

“OW!” Niall shouted.

I looked at Em who was sitting in front of Niall. Then I looked at Harry who was

hiding a laugh. I could feel my face burn red.

“I thought that was, uh-I mean I thought it was Em’s leg” Niall looked down at his plate as his face turned bright red. Louis and Zayn looked at each other and burst out laughing. Liam out his head in his hands. Harry had an angry face on his and he turned to Niall and hit him in the arm. The rest of the girls were laughing their heads off while Em and I were as red as a tomato. The rest of the dinner was Louis and Jessica making jokes.

I was cleaning the dishes when Liam came up to me.

“You need help?” Liam asked with a smile. I shook my head.

“No, it’s fine” I turned around to face Liam.

“Ok, that means you are free to talk” Liam jumped up on the counter next to the sink.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“Um, let’s talk about that rule about not dating guests”


“Come on, I’m a good listener”

I sighed “fine” I explained everything that happened with me and Josh. When I was done Liam had a blank expression on his face.

“I, have to go, I’m really tired” with that Liam left the kitchen.

Wow, that was weird.

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