Beach House

Sam, the girl who promised not to fall in love with the new guests. Finds herself falling for no other than Harry Styles. Sam doesn't know who the band One Direction is. Will she find it in her heart to put aside past heart breaks to be with Harry or will she stick with her rule.


3. Around the house

Harry's POV

Damn Sam is hot! Her eyes are just perfect and so is her smile. I had to make up some lie about Ana so Sam could show me around. I need to know this girl.

Sam's POV

I showed Harry around the kitchen, living room, and the backyard. I lead Harry to the studio.

"Wow, this is beautiful!" Harry walked to the wall of mirrors. He looked into the reflection.

"Yeah, it is. We have some rules about this room. 1. When the red light is on, you do NOT come in this room. 2. clean up after your self" I walked next to Harry. 

"Why cant we come in here when the light is on?"

"You just cant ok?"

Harry nodded. "Another rule I should know about so I could tell the lads?"

"Yeah, we don't date our guests"

"Why not?"

"Its not your concern"

"Well, then" Harry walked out of the studio in annoyance.

Its all Josh's fault!


I woke up with a smile on my face. I got out of bed and put on this:

I ran out of my room and into the kitchen. Emily was standing there eating toast. She looked up from her toast and looked at me with a mouthful of food. I let out a loud laugh that echoed off the walls.

Josh came down stairs. "Hey baby" Josh hugged me from behind. He gave me small kisses on my neck. He started to suck lightly. He pulled away with satisfaction on his face. Emily left the room and went up stairs.

"What do you want to do tonight babe?" Josh asked spinning me around. Josh and I have been dating since he came here. He's a drummer like Jessica, he sometimes helps her with her drumming. 

Josh was so sweet and kind. I knew he loved me and I loved him. Josh held me close to his body. "How bout we stay in your room tonight, and rent movies but not watch them?" Josh said with a smirk. "How bout we play twister instead?" I suggested.

Josh groaned. I let out a small giggle. "Why is it that when ever I want to get lucky you always turn down my offer?" Josh started to pout. I grabbed his shirt. "cause, I want our first time to be perfect" I locked my lips with his. His tongue explored my mouth and mine copied. Josh cupped the bottom of my thigh and picked me up. He put me on the counter. My hands were playing with his short brown hair.

I love this kid.




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