High school is suppose be to the best time of your life right? ; Especially your Senior year but for Malayshia, Chris, Kaden, Richard, Cassidy,Malia, Drew, and Michelle, things are just...complicated. Through all the drama love and relationships form but trouble always finds it's way in paradise. Will love conquer all in the end?


1. The Move


I was standing in the middle of my now empty bedroom as tears started welling in my eyes. I’ve lived in this room for all my 17 years of life and now I’m leaving it. All my memories will be left in this room. My parents just got a divorce and my mom is moving out what used to be our house. Not only are we moving out of the house, we’re moving to another county which means I won’t be able to go to the same school. To top it all off I’m a senior! Me and my best friends since birth have been planing every detail of our senior year since we were freshman and now I won’t even be there. I just hope my parents can work things out and everything can go back to normal.

I sat in the car and watched the movers put the boxes with me and my moms stuff in a truck. I looked around to see if my boyfriend Drew was anywhere around. I was hoping he would come and see me before I left. My best friends Cassidy and Michelle gave me a surprise going away party last night and he wasn’t there, he should be here now. I looked up and saw a car coming. 

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked as a got out the car.

“You think we wouldn’t come see our best friend before she leaves?” Cassidy asked, pretending to sound offended.

“Yeah what kind of friends do you think we are?” Michelle chimed in.

I smiled and said ” I think your the best friends I’ve ever had.”

“Aww how sweet. We got you something.” Michelle says.

“What is it? Why didn’t you give it to me yesterday?” I asked.

Cassidy hands me a box and says “This gift is personal and I wanted to give it to you in private.” I opened the box and picked up the bracelet that was in it. 

“Oh my god, this is gorgeous! I love it!” I exclaimed as I gave both of my friends a hug.

“It’s kinda like a friendship bracelet” Cassidy says.

“We all have one.” Michelle said as she held up her wrist and showed me her bracelet. “I wanted to give you something to remember us by.”

I pulled Cassidy and Michelle in for another hug and say ” I’ll never forget you guys.” Just then my mom yells that its time to go. I looked at her and told her to give me 5 more minutes.

“So are you and Drew gonna keep dating each other?” Michelle asked.

I give her a confused look. “Yeah, why wouldn’t we?”

“I was just asking.” Michelle says looking down.

“Me and Michelle will be over this weekend… if you want us to.”

“I’m counting down the days.” I give Cassidy and Michelle one last hug and start walking back to the car.

“Call me later!” Cassidy yells before I shut the car door.

“I will!”

My mom starts driving away and as I look out the window I see the figures of my friends fade away.

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