Why not me??

I am Paige Jackson's best friend, and she is the girl friend to the most popluar boy at our school. Justin Bieber, he is a total hottie. Justin plays all the major sports, surfs, sings, and is the son of an millionare! But the thing is I am in love with him, and I am Paige's best friend someone help, Cause this is the story of my life and the crazy rollar coaster it is.


1. Welcome to my life!

Hi my name is Audrey and I go to East Prep High School in New York City, New York. My parents are both very popular in the fashion industry. My mom was a Victoria Secret Angel and my father the V.S. photographer, I am sure you guys can figure out the rest from there.

Anyway back to my life, my best friend is Paige Jackson and we do everything together even model. Even if she has been modeling longer and is almost a V.S. Angel she wouldn't leave me behind she even told me. It doesn't matter if my mom might be more proud of her than me just because I'm not super skinny or the pretteist girl. That girl is Paige and well I am her best friend so that must count for something. So everybody even my parents think of me as second best. ANYWAY all I can hear right now is a blaring beep. What the heck is going on!!! Oh, it was my alarm clock well I guess it is time to get ready. I get out of bed and walk to my on suit bathroom with heated floor tiles, marbel counter tops, a sunken tub with jets, a shower with four different heads, than my vanity and sink. I walk into my closet and throw on my uniform: a white button down shirt, black tie, black skirt, dark blue jacket with school emblem, and black ankel socks with my black velvet pumps. I frech braided my long raven hair and lined my eyes with golden eyeliner, picked up my soho channel dark blue bag, and walked out the door to my limo and went to school.

"Hey beautiful!" Paige said while giving me a hug as we got out of our limos and walked into school.

"Hey hot stuff!" I said in return, as we put our purses in our lockers and go to our friends.

"So how was Cancun?" I say as we walk to our normal table.

"Good! We went to the beach every day" she said as we sat down. I sat inbetween Jacob and Sam while Paige sat inbetween Sam and Justin, as she kissed and said hi to Justin. I gave Sam and Jacob hugs and Jacob put his arm around me, we kinda have a thing going on, but I dont want it to be too serious. Justin and Paige gave Jacob and I a look the kind of look that isn't mean but isn't exactly approving. I dont care as long as Jacob helps me get over Justin and ALL of us are happy.

"Audrey? Hello, Earth to Audrey!" I heard Justin say as I snaped out of my thoughts.

"Yes?" I said clueless about what was going on.

"I asked if you and Jacob are dating now. But Jacob said it was up to you." Justin said as he smirked and every body went quiet. Jacob looked at me hopefully with his big brown eyes. He looked almost nervous. I dont know why Jacob is easly one of the most wanted guys in school, scratch that America. He is after all an actor, model, and baseball star. I had no reason to say no, after all I do really like him. With his black hair that falls in waves all over his head, and how funny he is. But the longer I am thinking about him the more nervous he looks. So I did the rational thing I said yes!

"Really Audrey?!?" Jacob said as he pulled me into a hug that gave me tingels inside.

"Yes Jacob really!" I said as he pulled me into a kiss. Everybody was saying how cute we are together and that they knew that I liked him, and him me. But no one could've guessed that because I didn't even like him till a month ago, and even in that month I was hopelessly in love with his best friend while my best friend was dating him, and not even MY best friend knows that. But I really do think he is sweet, funny, cute, smart and talented. Plus when I hangout with him I forget all about Justin. Maybe this will work just maybe. And with that note the bell rang.


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