Why not me??

I am Paige Jackson's best friend, and she is the girl friend to the most popluar boy at our school. Justin Bieber, he is a total hottie. Justin plays all the major sports, surfs, sings, and is the son of an millionare! But the thing is I am in love with him, and I am Paige's best friend someone help, Cause this is the story of my life and the crazy rollar coaster it is.


2. classes start

Hey everybody I hope you liked the last chapter! I'm going to try to update at least to chapter 5 by the end of the month, cause thats when I start school. And I dont know how offten I will be able to update once that starts! Hope you enjoy this chapter please R&R!!


       As we got up to go to our designated lines to get our scheduals for our junior year at Elite High. (The name of our school is actually Card-Well  Pettiestreparatory Highschool, but we call it Elite High because everyone that goes here is one of the elite in some way or another. Whether they are skilled or rich or beautful.) Jacob pulls me aside, " Are you sure you want to go out "? He says to me with nervous eyes. I look at him wondering if he knows that i like Justin, I mean he can't right no one can if anyone knew my life would be over before my life even begins.

" Why would you ask such a silly question I said yes didn't I"? I say back nervous for his awnser.

" I just can't belive that you the most popular and prettiest girl in our school wants to date me, and i was just thinking you only said yes to not embarrass me."

" Don't even think that! You are so amazing, every girl at this school wants you" I say as I lead him to get our scheduals. He just laughs and follows me to the line. After we get our scheduals he snaches mine away from me and Justin does the same to Paige.

" what are you guys doing"? we both as at the same time.

" We are comparing our scheduals, but it seems that you and I have every clss together exept for P.E." Justin says to me as Jacob says the same to Paige. We all were kinda down that we wouldn't have the same classes with our boyfriends or girlfriends. Just at we were starting to talk about what we are doing for lunch the bell rang,Jacob gave me a kiss and Justin and Paige hugged eachother while simultaneously kissing for what about seemed forever. The warning bell rang and they broke apart, Justin walked over to me and said " seems like we are going to spend alot of time together girly as he opened the door into our science class. I just smiled and sat next to him as class began.


**authors note**

I thought this was a good place to end. Please review and give me suggestions, this whole story could change because of your idea you just have to tell me! And with that good bye and have fun reading!

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