Life's A Roller Coaster

Faith Grace is the name. She never really liked her name, just because she thought 'Faith' didn't suit her. She's only 15 but has been through a lot. Lets just say, her life is as fast and crazy as a roller coaster.


1. August 24, 2004

August 24, 2004

Dear Diary,

God why does everyone hate me? Seriously. Right now I'm supposed to be working so diary, feel special. Anyways, as I was saying, everyone does hate me. My boss, parents, family, and there are no friends to hate me cause I have none! Nope, not one friend, and never will have any. I guess I repel people, well I am ugly, and just not likeable. That's it, I'm not likeable, or capable. But I am useless. Oh no, Ted is coming, got to go.



"Girl what the hell are you doing? I'm not paying you to sit around and write." Ted seemed disgusted to say the word write.

"I'm sorry, sir. I'll get back to work now." Before he could rip my head off I grabbed my diary tightly in my hands before running back, and climbing over the black wire fence.


You see Ted is our boss, and by our, I mean all the other teens who's parents kicked them out of the house. Yup, like I said before my parents hate me. But you know what, I don't know why. I don't think I did anything wrong to be taken out of my home.

But Ted just employs us, he doesn't give us shelter or food. That's why at the moment I'm sleeping under the slide in the local park at night with twenty dollars in my pocket. But trust me, I'm not the only one.


"Well well well. You finally put down that book I see." Ugh I don't want to deal with Sam right now, and honestly does everyone think I'm constantly writing in my diary?

"Shut up." Wow don't I sound intimidating. He did shut up, but he kept following me. We work in the forest mainly, sometimes in other places. We help chop down trees, transport logs to other locations, grow some plants, and some other stuff.


Technically this whole organization Ted has going with orphans is illegal is money.


"Come on Blondie. You know I'm just joking." He says chuckling as we were making our way through the meadow.

"Um, I'm not blonde." I said hesitantly hesitantly said glancing at my curly brown hair.

"Are you sure?" He smirked. I nodded with my eye brows raised. But then, realization hit me.


"Oh shut up." I said hitting his shoulder,he just laughed flicking his own brown hair to the side. He was referring to me being dumb. I didn't get the best education, but I am street smart and that's all that really matters now.

"Do you want to take the logs or....." He trailed off as we reached the forest, letting me decide.

"I guess I'll work in the garden." I replied, since that was the easiest job that gets paid well. 

"Okey dokey. Tell me if you need help." Wow he's being unusually nice.


After getting some gloves and a shovel I walk over to the garden and start digging. My part of the job is to dig, the other part is to plant the seeds but someone else can do that.


Rustling sounded throughout the trees as everyone worked. I only knew a few people here, some left, some even died on the job. But there's usually a new comer each week. Wow, I'm talking like this is a lifestyle, but sadly it is. 


"Dig faster." Ted spat, and I jumped surprised at his voice. 

"Sorry sir." I didn't even make eye contact with him because if I did I'd be asking for trouble. Yes, he does push or smack us sometimes but I'm not too sure if that's full on abuse..

"If you were sorry you wouldn't have done it." He mocked. I shrugged not replying, the result of this was him kicking me hard in the back of the leg.


"Ffffffffffffffff." I tried hard to hold in the swear I was about to say.

"Ted go easy on her she's trying her hardest." I hear Sam say. What the. I think Sam is being bipolar, literally he's usually a cocky ass hole to me.

"Shut up boy. Unless you'd like to punish her yourself." He gestured towards me, and I quickly glanced at the both of them before digging as fast as I could.

"No need sir. She's doing just fine." With that silence went throughout the whole wooded area we were in.

"Get back to work." I knew Sam wouldn't test him any further. Which he didn't and went back to helping some people chop down a tree.


"Soon." I whisper to myself."I'll be out of here."


As I was walking home from my "job" I started to write in my diary again.


I feel like God is playing games. No offence to you big guy but could you lighten up a bit. And what's up with Sam? He's honestly one of my enemies but he stuck up for me. Maybe...Oh never mind who could even find me attractive. My grandmother must've lied when she said I'd be breaking hearts left and right. Ugh I miss my grandmother. She was the only person that made me feel wanted. I wish my mom was like her, I mean nice enough not to kick their own daughter out of the house. Sorry I can't write anymore, it's getting dark and I need to get to the park before some other homeless person takes my slide. And ooh that rhymed!


                                                            Faith. Even though I have none.


The hard wind blew my long hair far away from my face as I stuffed my diary in my satchel. If I could I would spend all day writing in that thing. My grandmother gave it to me as a special present on my birthday, she also gave me a gold locket. But sadly one day Ted saw me wearing it on the job and just yanked it off my neck, I was honestly heart broken.


I was arriving at the park. It's actually a children's park. But you know, I gotta sleep somewhere. When I entered the gateway I saw an unfamiliar figure sitting on one of the benches. I could tell it was a guy, he was wearing practically all black and his hood was pulled over his face not letting me identify him.


Now I feel a little uncomfortable sleeping here with him over there. He's literally fifteen feet away from the slide I sleep under.


Trying to ignore this mysterious person I slide under the blue plastic slide, getting some coverage from the cold. It's getting winter time and I'm not sure how I'm gonna keep up, I'll just have to save up the money I can now and maybe rent out a cheep grungy apartment.


"What are you doing here." I almost jumped and hit my head on the bottom of the slide when I heard Sam's voice.

"The question is what are YOU doing here." I said rolling over into sleeping position.

"What the fuck are you doing sleeping under a slide outside. It's freezing." He exclaims.

"Well I do this every night. And you might want to leave you'll scare all the night comers." I laugh slightly.

"What do you mean?" He asks, surprisingly not sarcastic but serious. I lift up my head to see him I blue jeans, an orange torn t shirt, and work boots. Then I turn my head to see the other guy still there.


"Oh. Him." He whispers."You might not want to be around him at night."

"Why?" I still say confused as to why that guy wasn't Sam.

"Just... he's dangerous. Come with me." He whispers harshly.

"No. I'm staying." I say.

"No. You're going." He says grabbing my elbow.

"I'll scream rape."

"You wouldn't."

"Try me." I mock. He lets go of my elbow and stands up from his crouching position.

"Fine. Hope you like getting mugged or something." Those were his final words before heading off.


"Mugged." I say under my breath. After that I quickly fell asleep on this cold night.




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