The New Girl

Jessica is a shy teenager that lives with her newly-divorced mother. When she, her sister, and her mom moves from New York to Florida, she meets a boy named Chase that gradually pulls her out of her shell. But over time, Jessica starts to have feelings for Chase, but is afraid of what will happed if she tells him how she feels. Will they stay in the friend zone, or become more than friends?


2. A Big Change

It was a warm day in Albany, New York. I was on my way home from school, not excited about the fact that my mom, sister, and I were moving to Tampa, Florida tomorrow. Right now, my house is filled with boxes, ready to be taken to our new home. I think the thing I'm going to miss the most is seeing my twin best friends Rebecca and Miya. They've always been there for me, especially when the kids in school would pick on me because I was shy.

I finally reached my house. It was an average size house with light blue walls with a white door and shudders. Hesitantly, I unlocked the front door and walked inside. The first thing I see is my mom talking on the phone while making dinner. I waved as I walked toward my room, but she stopped me.

"Jessica, after this phone call, I want to talk to you about something important. Okay?"

I nodded and started down the hallway to my room. 'What would she want to talk about,' I wondered as I stepped into my room. There were only a few boxes in my room since I don't own many things. I lied down on my make-do bed (a.k.a. a bunch of blankets piled onto of each other). I tried to think about the bright side of moving away, like being away from those who made fun of me. But I end up thinking about things like if kids over in Florida will pick on me. Just then, there was a knock on my door.

"Come in," I said.

My mom enter the room with my favorite snack-Oreos. If she's doing this, something is definitely up. I took the Oreos and made room for my mom to sit.

"Hon, I want to talk to you about a few things," she said hesitantly. "I know things have been hard on you at school and after your dad left. But this move will be good for you." Her face was flushed after standing over the stove with her hair in a messy bun.

I just nodded. We had this talk about a billion times since I found out we were moving. She claims everything will better once we're there.

"Maybe you'll break out of your shell," my mom continued. "And make new friends. Trust me, you'll like it better there than here in New York."

"Okay, Mom," I said in a small voice.

She then got up and left my room. Finally, I'm alone. I sit there in my room, waiting for my sister Cassandra to come home. She usually comes to my room right when she comes home. Cassandra is in the fifth grade, so she's still pretty young. I always think she shouldn't have gone through all the drama about my dad leaving us. Now she has to live a life without a dad to tell her things a dad should.

Suddenly, my door was wide open with my sister standing there with a happy grin on her face. Compared to me, she's my total opposite.

"Hey Jessica! Are you excited about moving to Florida," Cassandra asked.

"Of course I am, Cass. But what are you doing here? You need to finish packing," I said to her as I got up.

Together we walked into her room so we can finish packing. Tomorrow, our lives change forever.

                                                   *   *   *    *   *   *   *   *   *  *   *  *   *   *  *   *

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