Who would have thought people spending their saturday nights so differently could have such a strong connection?


1. Admittance

Wendy drew her breath sharply as the blade sliced through her skin. There was an instant sense of relief as her blood dripped onto the floorboards beneath her bare feet. She held up her wrist and stared blankly at the scars. That was 10 cuts from 10 disasters. And as soon as she healed over, it would be 10 scars across her pale wrist.

Luke bit down on his lip as the girl he had met only 5 hours ago began kissing slowly down his back. He turned around and stared at her, she was just like all of the other girls he brought up to his room; dark brown hair, brown eyes, a button nose and a gorgeous body. He embraced her and fell backwards on to the bed, kissing her passionately before pulling the covers up and over their heads. Just like he always did.

Who would have thought that two people spending their Saturday nights in such different ways could connect so strongly? Well, I’m about to tell you how.

It was the Sunday morning after that Wendy was told she was going to be going away for a short time. Her mother had quietly walked into the dark cavernous bedroom and sat beside her daughter silently, plucking the razor blade from her hands and hugging her tightly. Wendy had looked into her mother’s tear-filled eyes and nodded before following her out to the car.

This had been the plan for quite some time. Ever since Wendy had first started hearing the voices when she started her GCSE’s. She had been taken to a psychiatrist and told that she had Schizophrenic Bipolar Disorder.  And may eventually need to be committed to a specialist institute in order to cope successfully.

And that day had finally arrived. “We’re here” Her mother said quietly, pulling up outside a large, modern building after driving through a very tall gate in an even higher wall.  “Thanks mum…” Wendy muttered without even looking her mother in the eye.

“Goodbye sweetheart.”

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