Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


6. Why Would You Lie to Me?

Lauren’s P.O.V:

It felt great knowing that Niall felt the same about me but I couldn’t help but worry about Jordan, I knew how she felt about Louis but I also knew how Louis felt about her and how he felt about Eleanor and it was really starting to bug me, I wanted to call her but my phone ran out of battery. ‘Niall? Would it be ok if I borrowed your phone to call Jordan?’ I asked as he walked out of the kitchen stuffing his face with a sandwich. ‘Yeah sure babe, but I don’t have her number so you’ll have to call Louis and hope she’s still at his.’  I picked up Niall’s phone, found Louis’ number and called it; I didn’t have to wait long before he answered.


‘Hey Louis its Lauren.’

‘Oh hey, wassup?’

‘Nothing is Jordan still there? I need to talk to her.’ I knew she was there because I could hear her asking who it was, he passed the phone over and Jordan answered.

‘Hey Lauren what’s up?’ she answered sounding slightly out of breath.

‘Jordan I need to talk to you without Louis around…’

‘Ok hold on I’ll go outside?’

Once I was sure she was outside I started talking to her again, ‘Jordan what were you and Louis doing you sound out of breath.’

‘We were just kissing Loz you don’t need to worry.’

‘Yes I do Jordan, I’ve been with Niall all day and I have to tell you something, meet me at yours in 10 minutes.’

‘Ok? See you in a bit then?’

I hung up and went back to Niall. ‘Niall I gotta get back, I gotta charge my phone and we have school tomorrow.’ I said as I put my shoes on.

‘Ok baby’ he said pouting like a child before getting up at kissing me, ‘I love you babe, and don’t forget that.’

I said goodbye to Niall and walked about 5 minutes before getting to Jordan’s, I knocked on the door and she let me in.

I started to explain what Niall had said to me about Louis and how he was going to play Jordan and use her to make Eleanor jealous, I admit I did feel guilty telling her this and just as I predicted she didn’t believe a word I said she just told me I was lying to her and I was jealous. She’s like my sister and all I wanted to do was protect her.

Jordan’s P.O.V:

I didn’t believe anything Lauren said to me, and I won’t believe it until I see it. She’s supposed to be my best friend so why would she lie to me like that, it’s not like she should be jealous she has niall, so why does she feel the need to put me down and lie to me?

A/N sorry it has taken me so long to update, i've been so busy i hope you enjoy this, i might update another chapter tonight to make up for it :) again so sorry guys <3

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