Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


18. True Feelings

Chloe’s P.O.V

I woke up the next morning with Harry kissing my nose like every other morning, but today rather than tickling me he leaned in and kissed me, but today it wasn’t like our usual short kisses it was longer, so I put so much passion and love into it hoping to show Harry my feelings towards him. After a short while harry pulled away and without saying a word got up and got dressed ‘Harry where are you going?’ I asked as he pulled on his jacket. ‘I have to go, my mum wants me back’ he said quickly, ‘oh ok I guess I’ll see you later then’ and with that he walked out my room and shut the door ‘I love you’ I said quietly knowing he probably didn’t hear me.

Harry’s P.O.V

As I shut the door I heard a faint ‘I love you’ and guilt rushed over me quickly, but I couldn’t go back because Chloe wasn’t the one I was in love with, I promised myself I would explain myself to her and apologise for leading her on like I did.

I walked out of Chloe’s and locked the door with the spare key and walked to Jordan’s hoping to talk with her. As I got to the end of her road I saw her get out of the car and lean in to kiss Louis goodbye, my heart sunk because I knew she deserved better than him and eventually he would leave her for Eleanor again. As Louis pulled off the drive I hid in an alley way so he wouldn’t see me, when he was gone I left it a few minutes before going to Jordan’s. I knocked on her door and waited a while before she opened the door.

Jordan’s P.O.V

I had not long got in after Louis dropped me home and I was wandering around my room looking for some clean clothes to put on after a shower when there was a knock at the door, I looked a state wearing this;, but I really didn’t care. I opened the door to see Harry stood there, ‘Harry?’ I said shocked to see him standing there ‘I thought you went back to Chloe’s, what are you doing here?’  I said confused. He looked at me than looked down again ‘can I come in? I think we should talk’ he said quietly. ‘Uh yeah sure sorry.’ I stood aside and let Harry in and we went up to my room, I followed Harry up as he already knew where my room was.

How? Because Harry and I used to be best friends when we were little and we went out for a while in year 6, if you could call it going out at that age, I must admit I did really like him though, but then we went up to secondary school and everything changed, he started hanging around with Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam and ditched me for all the slutty girls, that’s when I became friends with Lauren, Perrie, Chloe and Ella. I swore that I’d never forgive him, but somehow that didn’t last because here I am falling for him again.

I didn’t realise Harry was talking until I heard him say those 3 words that can change everything ‘I love you…’ he paused ‘but I know your with Louis and that would never happen again, but I know Louis and I know he’ll break your heart again, you deserve better an-‘ I cut him off by putting my index finger against his lips ‘what do you mean you love me harry? You were the one who left me for all those sluts and Louis’ group so you could be popular.’ I said getting upset at the memory of when he just left ‘I still liked you harry I never stopped! And when I saw you with all those girls my heart sunk but no matter what I knew I loved you!’  by now the tears were spilling from my eyes ‘yeah Louis probably will hurt me but I can’t be as bad as when you left me in year 7 Harry.’ I could see this really hurt him and I’d like to say I didn’t care, but I did, Harry placed his hands on my cheeks and wiped the tears with his thumbs and I looked down, but it wasn’t for long because Harry placed his finger under my chin and lifted it so I was looking up at his emerald green eyes, I could see him slowly getting closer and it was killing me, so I slid my arms round his neck and pulled him down until I could feel his soft lips on mine. I knew this was so wrong because I had Louis but I knew Louis would probably do the same, and this all felt so right having my Harry back.

A/N as i havent updated in a while i will update again later :)

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