Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


3. The Moment of Truth

Jordan’s P.O.V

‘Ella Diggle, you will be partnered with…Liam Payne’

‘Perrie Edwards, your partner is…Zayn Malik’

‘Lauren McDonnell, and uh…Niall Horan’ I looked at Lauren who had a big smile upon her face along with Ella and Perrie. Miss Jones continued with the names on the list until she reached mine.

‘Jordan Steele, your partner will be…Louis Tomlinson’ inside I wanted to scream, but on the outside I just smiled and looked at Chloe, I could tell be her face that she knew who she was partnered, the only person left in the class.

‘Last but not least, Chloe Stone, you will be partnered with the only person left in the class…Harry Styles.’ I could see the smile on her face grow bigger as her partner was confirmed. ‘Right class, you will need to sit together with your partners and make a start on planning your projects.’ Everyone got up and started moving to sit with their partners, I looked at the girls as they sat with their partners and they all looked very happy with who they were seated with, as I got up to move next to Louis I was pulled back down and saw a smiling Louis. ‘Hey so I was thinking after school you could come to mine and we could make a start on the project?’ he asked, all I could do was nod and smile back.

When history was finally over Lauren ran up to me with a big grin on her face, ‘Jordan I’m really sorry but I’m not walking home tonight, Niall’s invited me to his straight after school for the project.’ She said happily, ‘It’s fine I was gonna tell you the same thing, I’m going back to Louis’ house’ I said with a slight smile ‘Ok! See you tomorrow!’ she beamed and ran over to Niall who was speaking to Louis. I watched as Lauren and Niall walked off laughing and thought about how cute they would be as a couple, and about how awkward it is between me and Louis, until I was pulled out of my thoughts by Louis talking to me. ‘Hey you ready to go?’ he asked smiling, I smiled back ‘Yeah, sorry I was day dreaming’ I said and let out a small giggle.

Louis’ P.O.V:

I was really excited about doing this project, and even happier that I get to do it with Jordan; she’s smart and cute and has a great sense of humour, and an amazing personality to top it off. I’m hoping we can become great friends over these 6 weeks.

When we got back to my house I unlocked the door and allowed her to go through first. She stepped in and I followed closely behind. ‘Do you want a drink or a snack or something?’ I asked walking into the kitchen. ‘Uh…could I have a drink please?’ she asked quietly, I know she’s shy but I didn’t think she would be this shy, I mean I know it’s the 2 of us and we don’t talk much but she still knows me. ‘Sure thing, what would you like? We have Diet Coke, Coke, Water, Orange Juice, Milk, Squash, Sprite, and Lilt. Pretty much a shop full of drinks.’ She giggled a little which made me feel a little better and think that she might be a little more comfortable around me. ‘Can I have…a Lilt please?’ she answered smiling. ‘Yeah sure.’ I went over to the fridge and pulled out 2 Lilts and handed on over to Jordan, and we headed up to my room.

Once we got up to my room I grabbed my laptop, sat on my bed and switched it on, I looked up to see Jordan stood at my door looking a little unsure, so I patted the spot next to me ‘You can come sit down you know, I don’t bite.’ She looked up at me and smiled and shyly walked over and sat down next to me.

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