Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


13. The Date

Jordan’s P.O.V:

After 4 hours of shopping and pampering Lauren and I finally got home and got ready, I must say Lauren’s outfit was beautiful, she looked so beautiful as always and Niall is such a lucky guy, Lauren was wearing this; I had let Lauren chose my outfit for tonight, because I couldn’t really be bothered I was feeling lazy and wasn’t ready for a blind date, but it made Lauren happy and maybe she was right maybe it will take my mind off…what’s his name. It took me about 2minutes to get ready into this;

I walked into Nandos and Lauren told me where I was sat, and as I walked over to the table I saw a dark haired boy sat there and smiled to myself knowing exactly who it was. As I sat on the seat opposite I smiled. ‘Hey Connor, long time no see.’ I said looking into his chocolaty brown eyes, I couldn’t help but smile; he was just so good looking, not to mention he had a nice bum. ‘I know it’s been a while.’  He smiled his cheeky smile which was just adorable. Connor and I sat talking for a while before deciding what we were going to order. ‘I’ll go order if you like?’ I offered about to slide out of the booth. ‘No, no it’s ok I’ll go babe.’ He said taking the table number and sliding out of the booth. I smiled as he left to go order our food, I looked down and realised I was shaking a little, it was a little busy in there but I figured I had enough time to check my phone and text Lauren.

To: Big Little Sis (Lauren) <3

Hey, omg thank you so much for setting this up you are amazing :O <3 xx

From: Big Little Sis (Lauren) <3

Your welcome hun, I’m so glad you’re happy I hope your date goes well and don’t wait up for us if you want to go early, Niall said he had a treat for me when we got home. Have fun :) <3 xx

To: Big Little Sis (Lauren) <3

Ok see you tomorrow at some point then :) bye have a good night <3 xx

Connor’s P.O.V:

I left the table to go order our food, and go talk to Lauren and thank her for setting this up. As I walked over Lauren was texting, but looked up and smiled as I walked towards their table, ‘Hey guys’ I said smiling. ‘Hey Connor, how’s the date going?’ Niall asked, with a smile.

‘Yeah it’s good thanks, have you ordered yet?’

‘No mate I was just going up.’ Niall confirmed Lauren’s order and we both went up to order our meals. Once we had placed our orders, Niall and I both went back to our tables. When I got back Jordan was sat smiling, both of her hands were on the table so I took this as an opportunity to get a to know her a little better, as I sat down I took both her hands in mine hoping she wouldn’t mind I looked up at her and she was already looking at me still smiling so I smiled back.

After our meal I went to go pay for our meal after persuading Jordan to let me pay, when I got back Jordan slide out of the booth and we both walked out, we walked out and went for a walk down the beach. As we walked the only sound was the waves against the shore, after a while Jordan moved closer towards me and slid her hand in mine looking up at me to be sure it was ok, I smiled as if to say ‘yes’ and she smiled back.

We walked down the beach for a while and Jordan had taken her shoes off to walk on the sand, we talked and laughed and after a while we were messing around and that’s when I took her down and she landed underneath me giggling, we stayed silent for a while looking into each other’s eyes, we stayed like this for a while before I slowly leant down and kissed her.

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