Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


26. Surprises, Sorry's and Stressing

Jordan’s P.O.V:

It’s been 2 months since Harry and I got back together, I’m now 5 months pregnant and my bump is huge.  Everyone has been great, they have all supported me and Harry, and our parents got together and bought the essentials for the baby (nappies, Moses basket, pram, car seat and a changing bed.) Harry and I have been arguing a lot more than we used to, they’re all stupid little arguments but it still upsets me because he just walks out and leaves me on my own for hours, which then leads to a bigger argument. Last month Harry surprised me with a new house which means we have enough room for all the baby stuff, but it makes it worse when he walks out because I'm on my own.

Harry and the boys decided they were going to audition for the X-Factor as a group, the girls had all decided they were all going to go to London and support them, but I was still unsure about going because of the baby. “So you’re not going to come and support me then?” Harry yelled at me from the bathroom, “I told you Harry, I'm not sure” I cried back “I'm worried about the baby!” Harry came out of the bathroom and looked at me. “It’s all about that stupid baby! I wish I never got you pregnant, or took you back!” that’s when I broke, “Harry I…I…don’t want to get hurt carrying the baby…if I knew you felt that way I wouldn’t have come back to you” I packed my stuff and left going back to my mum, it’s what Harry wanted, he wanted us gone from his life.

A few weeks later I decided I would go to their audition, but I sat in the audience so Harry didn’t know I was there, or so I’d hoped. The boys had come on and started to perform ‘Torn’ and about half way through I felt my waters break, I let out a massive cry as a wave of pain hit me, the music stopped and everyone was looking in my direction. Luckily I was with Gemma, she had text Anne and called an ambulance as the crew had come up to help me, they had asked if I wanted anyone and I told them I wanted Harry.

I was taken off in an ambulance with Gemma and my mum, and rushed straight into the maternity ward. The boys had gotten through to the next round and they were on their way with the girls. I had decided I wanted Lauren, Eleanor and Harry to come in with me when I was ready to give birth, both girls had come in but there was no Harry, I felt my whole world crumble.

Harry’s P.O.V:

“You have to go in there!” was all I could hear from everyone surrounding me, “Harry she’s having YOUR child, you can’t let her do this by herself.” Louis told me. “Louis I told her I didn’t want her or the baby…she's not going to want me in there” then I heard a loud cry from Jordan, I looked at the room she was in when all of a sudden Eleanor’s head popped round the door.

“Styles I suggest you get in here right now and be with Jordan and your baby or I will snap your arm when I get out of here!” Eleanor glared, I turned to look at Louis and he pushed me, mumbling ‘she’s serious.’ I slowly made my way into the room and Jordan was propped up crying, her eyes lit up slightly when she saw me but then filled with tears as a contraction hit her.

About 10 hours passed and Jordan finally gave birth to a baby girl, we had decided on the name Darcy Mai Styles a few months back, so that’s the name she was given. Darcy was born 3 months prematurely, but she was healthy, and so tiny. Jordan had gone to sleep not long after they had taken her for tests, so when the midwife brought Darcy back I sat with her and cuddled her close to me. “Hey baby girl, you’re beautiful, and daddy loves you very much Darcy boo” I whispered to her as she tried to bite my hand.

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