Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


2. Partners

Jordan’s P.O.V:

‘Jordan! Wake up!’ my mum called as she walked into the bathroom I rolled over to look at my phone and groaned, 6:30am on a Wednesday which meant only one thing…I had History last lesson, and today was the day we were getting our partners for our History project on Germany. I finally managed to pull myself out of bed and went for a shower, when I came out I had a message from Lauren; ‘Heyy, ready to find out who your partnered with for 6 weeks this afternoon?! Xxx’ I laughed at the message and replied; ‘Not really no, I won’t be paired with you, Chloe, Ella, or Perrie. I’ll probably end up with someone I really don’t like, aha, and to be honest with you if it’s someone geeky they can do the work J  :P xxx what about you? Xxxx’ I put my phone down and continued to get ready for school. I put on this: and applied some light make up. When I was finally ready I looked at my phone and saw that I had a reply from Lauren; ‘You never know we could end up with one of the fitties in the class J :P how cool would that be?! Hehe, always look on the bright side! Be positive babes :P you ready to go? I’m getting bored of my brothers arguing over who’s sitting where, HELP!!! Xxxxx’ I packed my lunch and grabbed a cereal bar for a quick breakfast and text back; ‘Yup just leaving meet you in about 2 minutes hun J xxxx.’ I double checked I had everything and locked up and set off to meet Lauren.

Lauren’s P.O.V:

‘Yup just leaving meet you in about 2 minutes hun J xxxx.’ I read the message and left the house, I bothered to actually dress up for school as we were being partnered up in History and if I got put with one of the fittest boys in class I want to look extra nice, so I put on;  I started walking to where I usually meet Jordan and not long after she arrived. ‘Hey!’ she said smiling ‘WOW you look absolutely amazing you’re so pretty!’  she continued as we started to walk to school. ‘Thanks Jord, you look great too.’ I smiled

---------------------At School-------------------

As soon as we got to school we were greeted by Chloe, Ella and Perrie who as usual looked stunning wearing; ‘Hey!’ they all said in sync and giggled, ‘Hey!’ me and Jordan replied in unison. ‘Excited to find out your partners?!’ I giggled and the 3 of them nodded. The 5 of us were talking about the possibilities of who we could have as partners up until the bell went for first lesson, we all groaned, Jordan, Chloe and I all had the same lesson first which meant we could talk more about our History project, and who we could be paired up with. ‘Oh My God! What if I got paired with someone like Harry? I think I’d pass out.’ Chloe giggled as we sat down in our seats for English. ‘Knowing my luck I’ll end up with someone I don’t like, or someone really geeky.’ Jordan answered ‘in which case they can do the work.’ She smiles. The 3 of us laughed at her comment and got on with our work.


After a whole day of talking about the possible partners with the girls, the moment finally came. Time to find out who we were going to be partnered with. ‘For the next 6 weeks you will be put into partners…’ Miss Jones started, ‘you know everything you need to do for this project, now all you need to know is your partner.’ Miss Jones started reading out the names on the list. 

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