Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


20. Lucky

Jordan’s P.O.V

When Louis walked out I heard him call an ambulance, I sat on the floor with Harry hoping he would make it, I couldn’t lose him not now. It wasn’t long until the ambulance arrived they said that I was welcome to go with him but I said that I’d go get him some things and let his mum know before I went to see him. When they had taken Harry I walked down to the train station and caught a train to where Harry lived. I walked to Harry’s and once I got there I took a deep breath before knocking, I stood there not very long when Anne answered the door, ‘Jordan! Oh my it’s been a while since I last saw you, what brings you here sweetie? Harry’s not home.’ She said pulling me in for a motherly hug, god I needed one of those right now as my parents are away on a 6 month business trip. ‘That’s why I came actually Anne, Harry got into a fight…he was beat up pretty bad and knocked unconscious he’s…he’s been taken into hospital.’ I said the tears falling once again ‘I came here to tell you and ask if I could pick up some stuff for him, I don’t know how long he’ll be in there for.’

Anne looked at me not saying a word, but I knew she was upset ‘oh gosh’ was the only thing she said for a while ‘Jordan go get him some stuff, I’ll make us a hot chocolate and then we can go up to the hospital’ I nodded and ran up to his room, smiling at the memories we had here but once again I was soon knocked out of my thoughts by my phone.

(J=Jordan & L=Lauren)

J- Hello?

L- Hey Jordan, where are you, Niall and I are outside your house?

J- Oh, um I’m at Harrys…

L- Oh? Chloe said he’s not home, but he’s not answering his phone

J- Yeah I know he’s not home, look I’ll explain to you later, but for now I have to go

L- Ok? I’ll speak to you later then bye

J- Bye

After I packed Harry’s stuff I went down and sat with Anne, who had asked me what had happened, but the second she asked that question I just burst out crying, but once I had calmed down I explained everything to her. Anne comforted me and I sorted myself out before we got up and left to go to the hospital. When we arrived Anne told me she would give me and Harry some time so she decided to do some shopping, I went into the hospital and walked up to the reception desk ‘um excuse me, could you tell me which room Harry Styles is in please?’ I asked the receptionist politely, ‘yeah sure sweetie’ she typed something in on her computer and looked back up at me ‘he’s in 118 lovely’ she said smiling ‘thank you’ I replied returning the smile and then I walked down to Harry’s room.

Once I had found his room I knocked the door, I heard a faint ‘come in’ so I went in and saw a nurse walking around Harry making sure everything is hooked up right, and after that she came over and said ‘he’s very lucky’ and left. I smiled knowing he was ok and took a seat next to his bed, he was asleep so I just took his hand and kissed it before laying my head on the bed next to him.


Harry’s P.O.V

When I woke up I found myself lying in a hospital bed with a terrible head ache then I remembered what had happened, I lay still for a while to try and get rid of the head ache but then I felt someone squeeze my hand, and looked down to see Jordan laid with her head in the side of the bed sleeping didn’t want to wake her but I needed to get my phone so I slowly moved my hand from Jordan’s grip but not long after I got my phone she woke up and just seeing the smile on her face made my day. ‘Harry you’re awake’ she said beaming, I couldn’t help but smile at the girl before me ‘I broke up with Louis, he was cheating on me anyway, oh your mum’s gone shopping’ she said smiling but I wasn’t sure whether she was happy or not, ‘ok, but are you ok?’ I asked worrying about her, she just looked up at me and nodded slightly with a few tears, ‘I was just so scared of losing you, I’m sorry’ she said, I didn’t know what to do so I just held her cheek in my hand and wiped the tears away. As my mum walked in Jordan said she had to go call Lauren, so mum and I sat talking for a while which was nice, she was so happy that I was ok and she said that Jordan explained everything, and I did some explaining too but I knew I had to explain what was going on to Chloe when I was out of here.


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