Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


7. I'm Sorry, Maybe You Were Right

Lauren’s P.O.V

The next morning I got ready for school and walked to meet Niall, Chloe, Harry, Ella, Liam, Perrie, Zayn, Jordan and Louis, or so I thought, but Louis wasn’t there as we started walking I pulled Niall back to ask where Louis was, he said he wasn’t sure but then got a text. ‘It’s from Louis; he said he’s not walking with us today his mums giving him a lift because he was running late. Which is unusual for Louis because he’s hardly ever late.’  We carried on walking to school and got there just before the bell, Jordan and I had the same lesson first which I thought would be a bit awkward after what happened yesterday, but she seemed happy enough to sit next to me. Like every lesson Jordan and I spent it laughing and giggling and getting weird or evil looks from Mrs Yexley and all the other students in the class. Unlucky for us Eleanor the school slut was in our class, Mrs Yexley had to go photocopy some sheets and as she did so Eleanor came over. ‘You better watch out Jordan.’ She said in her annoying slutty voice, ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ Jordan asked slightly annoyed that she bothered to come over and talk to us, ‘It means that Louis’ just using you, he doesn’t actually love you, he just wants to make me jealous.’ Jordan just looked at me and back at her ‘Look I really don’t care what you have to say Eleanor, me and Louis aren’t seeing each other anyway.’ She replied as confident as she could, Eleanor just laughed and went back to her seat before Mrs Yexley came back.

The day was going perfectly fine until lunch time, Me, Niall, Chloe, Harry, Ella, Liam, Perrie, Zayn and Louis were all round the back of the school where we hung out waiting for Jordan when Eleanor came round, Louis immediately stood up and went over to her flirting I stood up and could hear the others behind me talking about what was going on, Niall stood next to me and took my hand  he could tell I was pissed so he didn’t say anything he just stood holding my hand which was enough to keep me where I was. I was getting more annoyed by the minute and when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, Jordan walked round the corner just as Louis kissed Eleanor.

Jordan’s P.O.V:

Just as I walked round the corner to go see everyone else I saw the last thing I wanted to see, Louis kissing Eleanor, and wasn’t like it was just a small pointless kiss, it was a full on snog and it definitely meant something. At first I just froze and then the tears started to build and my legs finally cooperated with my brain and I started to run, at first I wasn’t sure where I was going to go, I didn’t want to go in the girls toilets that would be too obvious and people would hear me, so I just ran out of school and hid under the slide in the park.

A few hours past and I got 2 text messages, one from Lauren and one from the person I least expected…Louis. First I read the one from Lauren as she was still my best friend and I knew she’d be worried about me.  

From: Big Little Sis <3 (Lauren)

Hey babes where are you? I’m really worried please text me back? xxx

To: Big Little Sis <3 (Lauren)

I’m under the slide in the park, I’m sorry I called you a liar when you were right. You’re an amazing friend I really am sorry xxxxx

From: Big Little Sis <3 (Lauren)

I’m on my way, I’ll see you in a bit xxxxx

If I’m honest I really wasn’t  expecting her to say that she would come see me but then again she’s an amazing friend like that, she’s pretty much my sister. I wasn’t really in the mood for reading the text from Louis, but  I felt like I had to so I did, and I regret every second of it.

From: Louis<3

I have to change his name.

I told you he didn’t love you, hope you have a nice life.

As soon as I read the text I knew it was from Eleanor, and I really didn’t care but I replied anyway, I mainly aimed the message to Louis to let him know what I thought of him and I must admit I did feel happier after letting my anger out.

To: Biggest Dick in the World

I just want you to know that I’ll  do the History project on my own and that I never want to see you again (except school) I hope you and your new slut have a great life together J see you soon sincerely the girl heart whose heart you just broke

Not long after I sent the message to Louis, Lauren arrived with a Shake Away milkshake and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream each, and we sat under the slide talking and laughing like always, then Lauren suggested we have a party with Niall and the boys minus Louis and all the girls which we both agreed so we both texted everyone and went home to start planning.

A/N I’m so sorry I didn’t update last night like I said I would, I’ve been so tired lately L  but thank you so much for reading this it means so much as this is my first Fanfic, just to let you know that I have nothing against Eleanor, it’s the first name that I thought of <3 thanks again :*

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