Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


15. Halloween Party (part 1)

Jordan’s P.O.V:

I arrived at Laurens house around 6:00pm so we could both get ready together and the others were coming round about 7:30 so we could have a few shots before everyone else arrived. Lauren looked stunning in the costume she had decided on and she did her make-up which was amazing too ( Lauren also did my hair and make-up and she helped me with my costume too, but I looked nowhere near as stunning as she did ( After a while the others arrived, Harry pulled me to one side and told me Louis was running late because he was doing something on the History project that everyone had forgotten about. We got talking and we were discussing how amazing everyone looked, the boys had gone for a super hero theme ( which was funny and the girls had just dressed up in something scary but sexy ( At about 7:45 Louis turned up and everyone looked at me…that’s when I realised we were in the same costumes and we looked as if we were a couple.

Louis’ P.O.V:

I walked into Laurens about 15 minutes late because I had to add a few bits onto mine and Jordan’s project and as I walked in everyone’s eyes turned and looked at Jordan who was wearing a Supergirl costume. I looked at Lauren and so did Jordan and I immediately knew she had chosen Jordan’s outfit on purpose so it looked like we were a couple, I looked back at Jordan who was starting to look a little embarrassed, when all of a sudden Liam spoke up, ‘Uhm Jordan don’t you and Louis have some things to talk about?’ he asked and I looked at him confused, Jordan nodded slightly and slowly got up and made her way up stairs, I stood there for a while until Harry cleared his throat and gestured that I followed.

I slowly followed Jordan up the stairs and into Lauren’s room and shut the door behind me. ‘So what is it you want to talk to me about? Are you gonna say I told you so? Or tell me that after your little date and roll around on the beach you and Connor are together or what?’  I said a little too harshly, she looked away hurt and started to talk, ‘no that’s not what I wanted to talk about’ she said shakily. ‘I just wanted to say I’m sorry, and no me and Connor aren’t together because that night all I could think about was you, and I thought about us, because all I wanted to do was see you which I know is wrong.’ She paused for a moment and took a deep breath before continuing again ‘but, when I sat there at that dinner table I wanted it to be you, when we kissed I wanted to be kissing you and when we got back to his I wanted that to be you hovering over me telling me that I was beautiful, not anyone else. And…I know that will never happen, because I’m not beautiful and I know that I will never have a chance with you, and I guess that makes me fall for you even more…’ she looked away and I could tell she was trying so hard not to cry, I was speechless, I just stood there frozen because she let her feelings out to me there and then. ‘I’m sorry for wasting your time; you can go if you want.’

As soon as she said that I knew that she was the one that I wanted this whole time not anyone else, I walked closer to her and set my hands on her waist and lifted her chin to look at me, I could see the tears building up in her eyes and I whispered ‘I’m not going down there without you…and you are beautiful and I know that you’re the one, and I’m not leaving here without you.’ I slowly leant down until I could feel her soft lips lightly against mine and kissed her with so much love and passion, to let her know that she’s mine and that I will love her endlessly and unconditionally. I slowly pulled out from the kiss but kept my lips against hers and whispered ‘can we start again?’ I felt her smile and she whispered ‘yes’ before pulling away and looking up at me. I gave her one last peck before taking her hand and joining the others downstairs.


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