Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


19. First Time for Everything

Jordan’s P.O.V

Harry and I soon got into a heated make-out session which started to lead to more, harry slowly started to take my top off so I did the same and it carried on like that until I was lying under him completely naked to the point where I tried to cover myself up, but Harry soon moved my hands away. ‘Harry I’ve never done this before’ I confessed as I moved my hands to his back. ‘It’s ok I’ll go slowly for you, it will hurt at first though.’ He said to me quietly.

As he entered me I groaned but soon the pain hit me ‘its ok baby it will get better’ Harry assured me, and he was right, the pain soon turned to pleasure and I was soon crying out his name that I’m pretty sure the whole neighbourhood knew Harrys name. When we were done Harry laid beside me the both of us breathless, ‘Harry’ I said quietly ‘did that mean anything to you?’ I asked unsure of whether it meant anything to him. ‘Of course it did Jordan, I still love you I realised that after I kissed Chloe, you’re the one I want, no one else.’ He replied as he pulled me close to his chest playing with my hair. ‘I didn’t think of that as sex Jordan, I thought of it as making love’ he confessed ‘and I’m happy I was your first.’ He continued kissing my head.

I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that I had Harry back and I thought about all the memories we had together but I was soon pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of my ringtone I rolled over to answer my phone looking at the caller ID ‘my boo <3’ my stomach turned as I answered the call I took a deep breath and sat up looking behind me to see that Harry was asleep.

(J=Jordan & L=Louis)

J- Hello?

L- Hey babe you ok?

J- Yeah I’m good thanks you?

L- Yeah I’m fine, is everything ok you don’t sound yourself?

J- Yeah, yeah I’m ok just feel a bit tired  

I lied but he couldn’t tell because he couldn’t see me, I heard Harry stir in bed and he propped himself up on his elbow behind me and started kissing my shoulders back and neck, ‘who is it babe?’ he asked in his extremely sexy tired voice, I couldn’t answer.

L- who’s that? Is Harry there?!

J- N-no it was the TV.

L- Don’t lie to me Jordan! I’m coming over.

And with that he hung up, I started to panic and Harry could sense that. ‘What’s wrong?’ he asked concerned, ‘Its Louis, he heard you on the phone and he’s on his way’ I started to cry unsure of what to do.

Louis’ P.O.V

I was on my way to Jordan’s and I was pissed, she was lying to me about Harry being there, it wasn’t the fact that he was there it was the fact that I could hear him kiss her and call her ‘babe’ and nobody does that but me, I’m not trying to be controlling and possessive but he shouldn’t be kissing other peoples girlfriends.

I got to Jordan’s and knocked on the door and she answered wearing the clothes she had on when she left mine and her hair in a messy bun. ‘Where is he?’ I asked through gritted teeth, she just looked at me and quietly replied ‘sat on the sofa.’ I stormed in and there he was sat on the sofa watching TV, Jordan slowly walked in behind me Harry stood up and just smiled and I flipped.

Soon enough I had Harry up against the wall by his throat ‘don’t you ever touch my girlfriend again!’ I said through gritted teeth and hit him, I kept hitting him and he started to fight back but he was too weak by this point. I heard Jordan scream a little and she was shouting at me to stop and trying to pull me away ‘you’re going to kill him Louis stop!’ by now she was crying, I stopped and saw Harry's eyes close, the guilt soon came over me. I got up and turned to Jordan who was stood in the corner shaking and crying I started to walk over to her to take her in my arms and hold her but she pushed me away. ‘HOW COULD YOU!’ she screamed ‘YOU’VE PROBABLY KILLED HIM LOUIS! LEAVE. AND DON’T THINK ABOUT COMING BACK HERE!’ she started to cry harder and ran over to Harry crying on his chest begging him to wake up. ‘Jordan I’m sorry, but he wouldn’t like it if I started kissing Chloe while he was on the phone to her, why didn’t you push him away? I thought you loved me.’ I said feeling like a dick for hurting my best friend and upsetting my girlfriend ‘            WE’RE THROUGH LOUIS! I know you've already cheated on me with Eleanor because I saw the texts and heard you phone call yesterday! I did love you, but I loved Harry first…and now he’s probably gone.’ I stood there speechless for a while before walking out, I called for an ambulance and left, hoping Harry would make it.

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