Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


22. Explanations

Chapter 19; Explanations

Jordan’s P.O.V

When Anne had come in to see Harry I decided I should go call Lauren.

(J=Jordan & L=Lauren)

L- Hello?

J- Hey you ok?

L- Yeah, finally you call back, what’s going on?

J- Ha, yeah well um long story short…Harry kissed Chloe then came round, told me he loved me, we had sex, Louis found out, beat the shit out of Harry, Harry’s in the hospital, I’m in desperate need of a shower and I look like a smelly tramp.

L- Harry’s in the hospital? I better tell Chloe, she’s really worried about him with him not answering his calls.

J- But if you tell her she’ll come rushing down here, and you know she likes him Lauren.

L- I know but she needs to know he’s ok at least.

J- I’ll get him to text her?

L- Why won’t you let her visit him?!

 J- Because I love him! And I don’t want her to take him away from me.

L- Whatever Jordan.

I hung up the phone and looked down, did my best friend really not listen to what I just said. I slowly walked back to Harry’s room. ‘Hey Harry, uh I’m gonna go home…maybe you should call Chloe, she’s worrying about you.’ I looked down to try hiding the fact that I was nearly crying ‘do you have to go? I wanted you to stay with me’ he said ‘I get let out in about an hour’ ‘ok but I need to get some clothes, I’ll meet you back at yours when I’m ready’ I replied.

When I got home I decided that I’d try to look nice for Harry, so I went straight up to my room and found the Rolling Stones top Harry had left at mine one time while we were away and the necklace he had given me when we were younger put them on with my red vans, and my red hoodie and some light make up; Once my clothes were out I went in and had a nice warm relaxing shower and washed my hair, I then wrapped my towel round me and walked back into my room and checked my phone to see I had a text from Harry and 3 missed calls, one from Harry and 2 from Lauren. I ignored the call from Lauren but decided to call Harry back.

(H= Harry & J= Jordan)

H- Hey babe.

J- Hey Haz wassup?

H- Oh I was just wondering if my girl was still coming round or if she wanted me to come to her.

J- Oh no I’m coming over Harry, I just had a shower, and I’ll get dressed and come round.

H- You sure I can’t come to yours?

I could hear the smile in his voice and laughed but then I heard my parents come in.

J- No, because my mum and dad are home, now behave I’ll be round soon.

H- Ok beautiful, I love you.

J- I love you too Haz bye.

H- Bye baby.

I hung up the phone and started to get ready I wrapped my hair up in my towel, but my underwear on and wriggled into my shorts, I put some nail varnish on and allowed them to dry under my nail dryer and then applied some light make-up, I dried my hair and let it wall into its natural waves before putting it up into a ponytail, I put Harry’s top on and the necklace, grabbed my phone and ran downstairs to put my shoes on, said goodbye to my parents and set off for Harry’s.

Harry’s P.O.V:

When I got home I called Jordan to make sure she was coming to mine or if she wanted me to go to hers, then I called Chloe.

(H=Harry & C=Chloe)

C- Hello?

H- Hi Chloe.

C- Harry! Where did you go?! And why were you in hospital?!

H- I went to Jordan’s and Louis beat me up, it’s nothing serious, I was just knocked out for a few hours.

C- NOTHING SERIOUS?! Are you joking? Why did he beat you up, what did you kiss Jordan or something?

H- YES CHLOE! Nothing serious, I’m fine and I’m home, and Louis was just in a bad mood and thought I did kiss her. I know I liked but she couldn’t know, not yet.

C- I’m coming round; I don’t care what you say.

And with that she hung up. Shit.

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