Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


16. Drinks, Sex & Hung Over Mornings (15+)

Niall’s P.O.V:

It was getting later and a lot of people were leaving the party very drunk, especially Harry, I knew Liam wouldn’t drink much because of his kidney and Zayn had to get Perrie back to his safely. Lauren and Jordan had gotten a little tipsy together but were sobered up by the end of the night, I didn’t drink because I wanted tonight to be the night that Lauren and I took our relationship one step further, I made Louis sober up before he took Jordan home because I knew she didn’t want him to do anything and regret it. When they left Lauren and I made our way up to her room, she led on her bed and I shut the door and sat next to her on the bed. ‘Have I told you how sexy you look in that outfit babe?’ I asked her smiling; she giggled at me and bit her lip which she knew turned me on. I crawled up to her and started to kiss her when she said ‘so Thor, what are you planning on doing to me tonight?’ and let out a giggle, I smiled and started running my hand down her body and whispered in her ear ‘I’m going to do whatever you want me to do.’ And started to nibble her ear.

I slowly made my way kissing down her neck and across her chest and shoulders looking for her sweet spot, leaving love bites on the way when I reached the crook of her neck I earned a gentle moan so I made a mark for next time and to let everyone know she’s mine. I ran my hand down her side to her thigh then ran it up the inside of her thigh to her thong, and felt that she was wet, I smirked to myself and looked at her ‘that didn’t take you long.’ I smiled and she just giggled and put her finger to her lips telling me to ‘shh’  I smiled and continued with what I was doing and started to rub her clit through the fabric of her thong earning more moans.

I pulled off her thong and slid two fingers in and started to go slow, soon I added three fingers and picked up the pace, I then hit her g-spot which caused her to give out a loud moan. I pulled my fingers out and started to kiss her area, I crawled back up and began to undress her, and soon she was just lying there in her bra. She started to undress me and I unclasped her bra and flung it across the room, she took my boxers off and soon they were in a pile on the floor along with the rest of our clothes. I knew this was her first time so I was taking it slow, her eyes widened at the sight of my erection and I wasn’t sure whether she was starting to have second thoughts, I leaned down to her ear and whispered ‘you don’t have to if you don’t want to, I’ll wait until you’re ready beautiful?’ she looked at me and told me she wanted to, so I slowly placed my tip at her entrance and slipped in letting her adjust, I heard her cry a little and told her it was ok and if she wanted  to stop we could, but she told me she didn’t want to. We continued what we were doing and I made love to her like she wanted to, I wanted to make my princess feel beautiful and know that I love her, and that’s exactly what I did.

Louis’ P.O.V:

When we left Lauren’s house Jordan and I decided it was best she came to my house because she didn’t want me to walk home alone and she wanted to stay with me but figured her parents wouldn’t let her so we ended up at mine. When we got in we went straight to my room and I handed her my favourite football (soccer) top, ‘do you want some trackies or anything babe?’ I asked in case she felt unsure, she shook her head and started to walk into the bathroom but left the top behind, I picked it up and waved it at her ‘don’t you need this?’ I asked laughing at her she shook her head ‘no I was just going to take my make-up off, I need help getting out of this thing’ she replied pointing at her outfit, and walking into my bathroom. When she came back she was completely natural with her hair up in a messy bun, I had never seen a girl be so natural in front of me before, other than my sisters, every girl I’ve seen or dated has always had make-up on even when they stayed the night.

 I smiled at the beautiful girl standing before me and she turned and pointed to the back of her outfit, I helped her take it off and she stood there in her underwear, I could tell she was insecure but she didn’t seem to want to show it. I passed her my top and looked her in the eyes and said ‘you’re beautiful ok?’ she smiled slightly and I realised I had never looked a girl directly in the eye and told them they were beautiful. She put my top on and looked at me as if she had only just realised that I was only in trackie bottoms (sweat pants), she stepped closer and ran her hands up my chest and round to the back of my neck where she stood playing with my hair as if she was nervous, I placed my hands on her waist and kissed her.

The two of us fell on my bed and had a steamy make-out session and I made my way up the inside her thigh and up to her pants, she didn’t seem to mind until I touched her through her pants, ‘Louis!’ she backed off a little ‘I’m sorry.’ I said moving back giving her some space, ‘is that all you want me for to get in my pants?!’ she said with tears in her eyes, I looked at her shocked, ‘no, Jordan what? Why would you think that? I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m sorry I wasn’t going to do anything more…I just wanted to see if you were wet…’ I said angry with myself for hurting her, she looked at me and then curled up into my chest crying ‘I’m sorry, I really like you Louis and I don’t want to just be here to replace Eleanor until she’s single and you can have her again’ she told me crying more. I played with her hair and pulled her closer ‘never in a million years would I ever dream of doing that to you Jordan, you’re my girl and I want to be with you’ I kissed the top of her head ‘and if you’re not ready to do something I won’t force you to do anything’ I whispered and she nodded her head, we laid in silence for a while before I could hear her breathing getting heavier and I knew she was asleep, not long after I started to fall asleep myself.

Harry’s P.O.V:

The next morning I woke up with a serious headache and ran into my bathroom throwing up what was left of my stomach content, I didn’t remember much of the night before but I guessed that maybe Chloe had come home with me because I saw her toiletry bag in the bathroom, Chloe and I weren’t really a couple yet but we are really close and I like being able to just talk to her and be myself, she stays round mine a lot to get away from her family and we just curl up in bed and watch films, we have kissed a few times but not properly. I finally made it back into bed after rinsing my mouth out and cleaning my teeth and next to me I saw a beautiful blonde lying in the space next to me still sleeping, I smiled to myself knowing that beautiful blonde was my best friend and partner in crime no matter what. As always I woke her up with a soft kiss on the nose and watched her eyes flutter open and a smile appear on her face, I smiled back but then I slowly started to lean in and kiss her. Chloe kissed back but this kiss was like no other kiss we shared, this time I felt something, and it was so passionate and filled with meaning, but did she feel the same?

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