Loved You First (15+) (One Direction Not Famous)

(this is my first movella so i'm very sorry if its absolutely rubbish)


23. Confessions 2

Harry’s P.O.V:

Not long after Chloe hung up Jordan walked in wearing one of my old ‘Rolling Stone’ t-shirts and the necklace I bought her when we were younger and I couldn’t help but smile, I was laid on my bed not doing much when she ran over and jumped on me causing me to let out a groan. I stayed laying down but placed my hands on her thighs smiling at her as she let out a little giggle before leaning down and kissing me, we were making out for a good 20 minutes and we were about to go further until the doorbell rang, Jordan jumped off e and ran for the door before I could stop her. I heard her open the door and say hello and slowly made my way down forgetting I was shirtless, when I got down Chloe was staring at me. ‘What. Is she doing here?!’ Chloe asked with an angry tone I her voice, ‘she was just visiting to check on me’ I said avoiding eye contact with them both. ‘Is that why you’re shirtless?’ ‘No. you know I walk around freely Chloe.’

‘Well looks to me like you two were about to have sex or something’ Chloe said ‘no she’s just a friend, its nothing really; she just wants to check up on me.’ I looked up to see Chloe looking at Jordan for agreement ‘yeah that’s all it was Chloe, just checking he was ok’ she agreed ‘I was just leaving anyway’ Jordan ran upstairs and I guess she was going to the toilet, but soon she came back down with her shoes on and one of Gemma’s old tops and she didn’t have the necklace on, she mumbled a ‘bye’ and left. Shit. Shit. Shit. When Jordan had gone Chloe started to come closer and kiss me but I pushed her off, ‘Chloe no, I’m sorry…I don’t want to be with you, I love Jordan’ she pulled away and looked up at me with tears in her eyes before running off. Now what?

Jordan’s P.O.V:

After I left Harry’s I had no idea where to go, I couldn’t go to Lauren because she hated me and I know Niall would be with her, Perrie and Zayn were on a date, Liam and Ella were working on their project and I couldn’t face Louis, so I decided on going home.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After an early night I got up and had a shower, I didn’t feel the need to dress up for school so I just threw on this; I got my phone and headphones, ran downstairs grabbed my bag and left for school with my music loud to keep me company. When I got to school I went straight to my lesson so I could talk to my English teacher to talk to her about the homework we were set, the bell went and I sat quietly in my seat not talking to anyone.

Second lesson was Maths and that went just as slow as English, when it go to break time I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do I was about to walk up to the field to sit quietly when I was stopped by Eleanor, ‘Jordan.’ She said with an unsure look on her face ‘I’m really sorry about what happened to Harry, and I’m really sorry, you may not believe me but when Louis and I were sleeping together he told me you weren’t together.’ she looked guilty ‘I believe you, I’m sorry he lied to you but he’s clearly happier with you than he ever was with me, so don’t worry about it.’ I told her honestly.

‘I’m really sorry, I’m hoping maybe we can start again, be friends maybe?’ she smiled hopefully, I nodded ‘yeah I’d like that Eleanor’ I said honestly ‘I’ve gotta go, Louis’ waving me over, thank you so much! Text me some time!’  She yelled running off to Louis who was stood smiling with Harry, I guess they’re friends now, lucky him, I thought to myself. I carried on walking to the field and just sat there with my earphones in letting the tears fall I allowed myself to just fall back laying on the grass and closing my eyes just letting the world go by. I didn’t realise I had fallen asleep until I was being shaken and my earphones taken out by Liam. ‘Jordan what are you doing you’ve missed 2 lessons’ he asked softly ‘oh shit, have I?!’ I asked I shock. ‘Yeah, what’s going on with you today?’ he asked concerned.

‘Nothing, just the fact that I’ve lost two of my best friends, my boyfriend and the guy I really love.’ I said as the tears fell again. ‘What do you mean?’ I explained everything to Liam and he seemed shocked that Harry was so thoughtless to do that.


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