Sherlock Holmes (the fan film series) Episode 1. A study in black

I've been planning a Sherlock Holmes series for a while. In this story it starts of very similar to the start of of the first sherlock episode, but as it continues the script will change. A string of strange suicides brings Sherlock Holmes and John Watson together as they solve the crime from a flat in baker street.


1. Meeting the detective.

Walking down a street, A young man is slowly walking around, clearly in a temper.  He pauses and look furious. We cut to him later standing by a wall on his phone.


Man: you said it was going to be five minutes. I’ve been waiting half an hour. Look will you just hurry up? I got to be at Heathrow to catch a flight. If I’m not on that plane I’m going to lose my job. Look. I know, but… you know what forget it. Ahh for god sake.


The man walks off the camera fades to him at his home. He is in pain choking and he falls to the ground dead. We cut to DCI Lastrard sitting in a room with a local news reporter from the Sun newspaper. Lastrard seems young possibly early to mid 30s although it’s obvious he has seen a lot of action in his time. 


Interviewer: So tell me detective inspector this is the fourth suicide in a month do you see any connection what so ever?

Lastrard: We’ve realised that this has been the fourth suicide in a month, but we see no connection to them what so ever.


He gets a text on his phone, but we don’t see it instead the words wrong appear on the screen.



Interviewer: What’s this?

Lastrard: Just something from my mobile network nothing important. Now like I was saying. We have looked into it and we must assume that these suicides are to do with separate situations.

Interviewer:  So you don’t think that this was some weird suicide pack thing?

Lastrard: Like I said we don’t believe that these murders are connected.


Text again and the word wrong appears again.


Lastrard: Look this will conclude the interview.

Interviewer: But detective inspector…

Lastrard: I’m sorry, but I do have a lot of work to be getting on with. Good day.


Lastrard leaves the room and picks up his phone.


Lastrard: What the hell are you playing at Sherlock? I was in the middle of an interview and you kept texting the guy and he was from the Sun paper. If you’re so interested in the case be in my office in three hours.


We cut to Sherlock on the phone, but we only see a bit of him.


Sherlock: Don’t worry I’ll be there.


He hangs up and we cut to John Watson and young mane mid to late 20’s.  he is walking along the area with a bit of limp and needs some form of walking stick to keep himself up. He seems to be avoiding people like he doesn’t want to be seen. Suddenly he accidently bumps into a man. Mike Stanford. He is older than Watson, but not that much older possibly five years maybe. He turns to see who he has bumped into and smiles.

John: Sorry about that.

Mike: It is. John Watson. It’s me. Stanford. Mike Stanford, you and me were at Bards together.

John: Oh yes sorry. Hello Mike.

 Mike: God look at you. Last thing I heard was that you were lying in the sand being shot at by some blokes in Afghanistan.

John: You heard right.

Mike: So what happened?

John: I got shot.

Mike: Oh. Well not point standing around. Do ya fancy a bite to eat?

John: Listen Mike I would love to, but I don’t really have the money.

Mike: Relax I’ll pay. Call it my treat.

John: I’m sorry mike, but I can’t…

Mike: Forget your pride for one night John. Come on I know a great place called the Criterion nothing to fancy, but their burgers are great.

John: Ok go on then.

Mike: Great.


We cut to the to of them walking along a street, but it is clear they have just finished their meal.


John: Thank you very much Mike I owe…

Mike: You’re not paying me anything at the most you can by me a pint mate.

John: ok.

Mike: So how is Harry?

John: Haven’t spoken to Harry since I got back.

Mike: Still on the booze?

John: Oh yes.

Mike: Oh. So John remember all the good times at Bards?

John: Oh yes. The stuck up teachers.

Mike: The school dinners.

John: The constant knobs who thought they were all that.

Mike: We had some good times John?

John: Yes we did. It’s funny you can’t wait for those days to be over and then you can’t help, but miss them.

Mike: To true John.

John: That’s a while ago.

Mike: So got a nice place to live mate?

John: On an army pension, yeah right (.)

Mike: You know what you need?

John: What?

Mike: A flat mate, help ya split the rent.

John: Good idea, but who would want to share a flat with me?

Mike: You know it’s funny you’re the second guy to say that to me.

John: And the first was?


We cut to Sherlock in Stanford’s home. He is moving about doing things with tea and stuff. He smiles and laughs.


Sherlock: Ha yes I knew it. James Dawsons murder could not have been caused by poison. The poison would have left a discoloration on the cup. I’m on a role today.


He runs to Stamford’s laptop and is typing an Email to the police with the information he has. Suddenly Stamford enters along with Watson.


Stamford: Oh bloody hell Sherlock. Look at my kitchen.

Sherlock: The mess was needed.

Stamford: If you say so (.)

Sherlock: You’re being sarcastic.

Stamford: Yes I am.

Sherlock: Do you have a pen?

Stamford: I though you had one?

Sherlock: It’s in my coat.

Stamford: Wheres your coat?

Sherlock: Not sure.

Stamford: Sorry I don’t have one at the moment.

John: Here, use mine.

Sherlock: Oh, Thank you. So tell me Iraq or Afghanistan?

John: What?

Sherlock: Tell me how do you feel about the violin?

John: What are you talking about?

Sherlock: Potential flat mates should no the worst about each other sometimes I don’t talk for days on end.

John: Flat mates? Oh I see you told him about me?

Stamford: I never said I word.

John: Then who said anything about flat mates?

Sherlock: I did. I was telling Mike how I would be a difficult man to find a room mate for and then you show up. Ok well I have my eye on a nice little place in London I’m sure if we put are money together we will be able to afford it. Just meet me at 3:35 tomorrow afternoon.

John: Hang on. I don’t even know your name and we are going to look at flats together?

Sherlock:  Well, I know you’re a doctor, in fact I know you’re an army doctor. Obviously you have just returned from Afghanistan probably after being shot. You need some help money wise, but you’re a returning war hero and haven’t had much help so far, so I guess you don’t really have an extended family at least not one your close to. Your brother wants to help you, but you refuse to take it probably because you don’t agree with his drinking or maybe the fact he’s walked out on his wife only a few months after being married. Your therapist says that you have a psychosomatic limp and well she is very right indeed.

John- how did you do that?

Stamford- you get used to that trust me.


Sherlock looks at Johns confused face and smile.


Sherlock- My name is Sherlock Homes and you can meet me at 221B Baker street.


Sherlock walks out of the room as John gives a shocked and amazed look towards Stamford who smiles. 


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