He saved my life

Summer is a shy girl,who keeps her self to her self doesn't have many friends, but the ones she does have are great, they never leave her side when she needs them the most. What happens when a random boy justin bieber ( justin is not famoues) saves her from getting hit by a car, but ends up regretting it.
Justin is a bully at summers school and has been bulling her for the bast 4 years, he hates her and she hates him, until he saves her, she's great full but hes not.
Will justin ever regret bulling summer? Or will he Carry on?


3. regret it? then why save me?


just them i felt someone jump on me pushing me out of the road hitting the path! if they were going to save me at least do it gently!

the car zoomed past as i looked up to see my hero.

me- thank you so much!

stranger- its ok.

me- no i-

i cut my self of as a could see who it was.......... JUSTIN, JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!

me- JUSIN?!
Justin- SUMMER!!??

he didn't no it was me?

Justin- your the person i saved?! GREAT!

me- what, so if you didn't no it was me, you would of let me get killed, THANKS!!

Justin- no problem.

oh he's so nice!!

i get my self up still in shock, nearly getting hit by a car AND Justin only saving me because he thought i was someone ells and if he knew it was me he would of let me get hit! great!!

Justin - just don't tell anyone about this, ok!?

- you don't want anyone to know?

Justin- NO!

me- so you regret it!?

Justin- yes!!

oh, that's so sweat!

me- THANKS!!!


he could be a bit nice!

he just stood there looking at me, then behind him, then at me, then behind him, guessing he's looking if any of his 'friends' saw him save my life!

me- i got to go! thanks any way for you no, saving my life!

and with that i turned around and walked/limped home, not looking behind me to see if he was there or gone! probably gone. i cant believe him, regretting saving me. if he regrets it why save me.

i got in the house to find my mum asleep on the sofa! the normal thing when i come in. my mum works nights so instead of sleeping in her own bed she sleeps on the sofa, yeah, i know, strange woman.  but i love her. i walk over to the kitchen to find nothing in, yey?

i walk over to the couch to see my mum snoring her head of, like normal.

i go up stairs to my room to have a shower. i walk into my bathroom and turn the water on, i strip down and step in, i wash my hair and my body and step out. i put my clothes on and dry my hair.

i grab my bag and grab some money, guess i have to go shopping.

i put my shoes on and leave a note for my mum, i walk out the door and start to walk down the street. i walk past the place where Justin saved my life, he may regret it, but im great full and i don't care what he says. i get to the shop and walk in, i start to grab some things that will get us through the rest of this week, its Wednesday today, so i need to get some things witch will last 4 and a half days. 

i finish and go pay for my things, that's when i see him, Justin Bieber with his... mum? wow. i thought he would drop dead if he got court seen shopping with his mum. guess not. 

i finish paying for my things and walk away, but i wasn't walking quick enough so Justin wouldn't see me, i court his eye and he would NOT stop staring at me. please don't tell me he's going to come and hit me or something again, so everyone including his mum can see.

i walked out the shop and start to walk home.

i get in the door to find my mum watching t.v.

me- your up?

mum- no im asleep.

me-funny, i got some things from the shop.

mum- ok you go do what teenage girl do and ill cook something up.

me- thanks.

i run up stairs and open my laptop up. i logon to facebook and nothing new. twitter? nope noting new either.

just then a big bag went of from down stairs. WHAT WAS THAT.

mum- arrrrrrrrrg.!!! 



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