He saved my life

Summer is a shy girl,who keeps her self to her self doesn't have many friends, but the ones she does have are great, they never leave her side when she needs them the most. What happens when a random boy justin bieber ( justin is not famoues) saves her from getting hit by a car, but ends up regretting it.
Justin is a bully at summers school and has been bulling her for the bast 4 years, he hates her and she hates him, until he saves her, she's great full but hes not.
Will justin ever regret bulling summer? Or will he Carry on?


6. now its my turn!

i looked around to see if he was there but no he isn't, what do i do, looks like no one els wants to help him!

that's it. its my turn to save him!

we was stood in the tennis court in 10 lines. i ran of to the school, everyone shouting at me to get back and they will sort it but i didn't i carried on running to the first doors i came across, i could hear Sammy in the background shouting at me!


nope not gonna stop me now!

i ran through the doors at the side of the school, the school was full of smoke and fire! i had to put my sleeve over my mouth and nose.


i carried on running through the hall ways trying every classroom!


come on Justin!

Justin- summer?

i could just about hear his voice!

Justin- summer help me please!!

summer- Justin!?!? where are you?!

Justin- in hear!

his voice getting louder as a came across a room.

i ran through a classroom to see Justin in a corner!

Justin- SUMMER!

summer- Justin!!

i ran over to him and lifted him up and put one of his arms around my neck.

summer-come on we need to get out!

we ran out the classroom and down the hallway to the doors but it was jammed, this school was falling apart!

we ran to another pair of doors this time we could get out.

we barged out the doors and landed on the floor. we was on the other side of the school i could hear people screaming and shouting are names. i looked at Justin who looked at me and we both started to laugh.  after we finished laughing Justin started to speak

Justin- * cough*

Justin- thanks

summer- * cough* * cough*

summer- its fine, come on we need to get back before people start to worry. more than they are now.

a chuckle left his mouth.

we stood up and walked around still coughing

Sammy- SUMMER!

Ryan- JUSTIN!!

we walked over to them and Sammy gave me a hug.

teacher- are you two alright?

summer/Justin- yes

i am never doing that again.

Ryan- erm... thanks summer.

summer- no problem

Justin- she only did what i did to her, save my life

Chaz- what?

summer- well, Justin saved me from being hit by a car. no big deal

Ryan- wow Justin. nice work.

Justin- thanks?

just then the fire brigade came and put out the school, wow its a mess. we got sent home early. im guessing no school for a while!

im fine with that, i guess.


i got home to find it empty, oh right my mums still at work. i got in and sat on the sofa and put on the TV the news came up and guess what was on it? our school.


     to day this school burnt down for a unknown reason all we no is this girl, summer jane, saved the life of this boy, Justin Bieber.

wow im a life saver. like Justin.

i ran up stairs to my room and closed the door. i sat on my bed and logged on to facebook.

girl- wow i cant believe summer, she saved Justin Bieber! shes so brave! well done.

boy- well done summer! :)

girl 2- we should leave summer alone from now on she showed bravery by saving Justin Bieber.

wow thanks :)

just then a knock on my door came to sound.

i jumped of my bed a walked down stairs, i was in no need of a rush.

i got to the door and opened it up. it was Justin. what does he want?!

Justin- hey

summer- hey.

Justin- erm... can i come in?


summer- erm... yeah sure.

i stepped aside so he could come in.

he looked around for a bit then turned to me

Justin- thank you for today, i really mean it.

summer- no problem

Justin- wheres you mum?

summer- work

Justin- good.


summer- good?

Justin- yeah.

summer- what fo-

i got cut of by Justin pressing his lips on mine... whats he doing?

what ever he is doing, i don't no, i like it. are lips parted and i was left looking into Justin's eyes.

summer- what was that for?

Justin- summer? iv liked you for a long time now. just never said it. i couldn't so i was left to bully you, until now! so will you be my girlfriend?

what? me? be his girlfriend?!

summer- is this a joke?

Justin- no!

summer- good, YES!

Justin- great!

he picked me up and spun me around!

he put me down and said

Justin- i love you!


summer- love you to.

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