He saved my life

Summer is a shy girl,who keeps her self to her self doesn't have many friends, but the ones she does have are great, they never leave her side when she needs them the most. What happens when a random boy justin bieber ( justin is not famoues) saves her from getting hit by a car, but ends up regretting it.
Justin is a bully at summers school and has been bulling her for the bast 4 years, he hates her and she hates him, until he saves her, she's great full but hes not.
Will justin ever regret bulling summer? Or will he Carry on?


4. i thought you would stop!

i ran down stairs to see my mum stood there with a black dusty face.


mum- erm... the oven exploded!

me- really, never would of guessed!

mum- sorry but no dinner today.

me- its ok, ill grab an apple!

i turn around and head up stairs.

wow 9 already. i get ready for bed and go to sleep.


i get woken up my  alarm clock and a sticky note stuck to my lamp.



      iv gone out to work iv been called in. i might be back when you get home or i might not be. there's some tea in the fridge when you get back.

            love mum xxx


i get up and grab some clothes from my wardrobe and head to the shower.

i turn the water on, strip down and get in, i wash my hair and my body and get out. i get dressed and dry my hair.

i go down stairs to see the dead oven. i grab an apple and head to school. i cant wait to see what he's got installed for me today :)


i get to school and look around, no Justin, i bet you the second i try and walk through the door he'll show up out of the blue, like always.

i get to the door and get ready to meet the floor again. but nothing, oh, strange.

i get to my locker to find Katie, Abby and Sammy NOT there. oh. maybe there in class, ill, bunking of.

or maybe im early and i don't know it. yep that's probably it.

i open my lockers to find it thrown back again, nearly trapping my fingers, again.

of Corse, Bieber...

Justin- HELLO!! you told anyone!?!?!

me- N-N-no.

Justin- don't be scared. i don't bite.

sure about that...

the bell goes of, everyone goes into class and its just me and Justin. i try and get passed him but he wont let me! god sake boy MOVE!!


me- class?

Justin- i don't think so.

me- JUSTI- Justin please just move out my way.

Justin- well seen as you asked nicely...

he moved out the way and as i walk of he puts his leg out, tripping me up, i fall to the floor. he walks past me laughing. thanks Justin

i get up and head to class, great im late!

i walk in the door to find everyone looking at me including Justin...

mr Johnson- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!!

i looked at Justin who looked at me and shook his head, guessing hes telling me not to tell sir the truth...

me- erm... i was.... i went to the toilet.

sir- fine, SIT DOWN!

i sit down, next to Sammy, so at least shes hear.

she smiles at me and sinks down in her chair, like normal.


class ends and i rush out.

Sammy- summer! wait for me!!

i slow down and turn to Sammy.

Sammy- whats wrong?

me- everything, Justin!! 

me - *whispers " i nearly got hit yesterday... and Justin saved me!
Sammy- WO WHAT!!!! NO WAY!! 

calm down.

me- i know

Sammy- iv gotta go see you later.

and with that she disappears.

and with that i feel a hand on my harm dragging me into a closet.

me- DO- do you mind. i say as the door locks and the lights quickly turn on.

me - oh you!   

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