He saved my life

Summer is a shy girl,who keeps her self to her self doesn't have many friends, but the ones she does have are great, they never leave her side when she needs them the most. What happens when a random boy justin bieber ( justin is not famoues) saves her from getting hit by a car, but ends up regretting it.
Justin is a bully at summers school and has been bulling her for the bast 4 years, he hates her and she hates him, until he saves her, she's great full but hes not.
Will justin ever regret bulling summer? Or will he Carry on?



abby- summer?! come out of the loo, we no your in hear!

abby,katie and Sammy walked into the bathroom looking for me, but like i said, im not coming out. no matter how much they try im not walking into that hall way to be bullied again!

me- NO go away, its not fair, its always me!

Sammy- we no its not fair, but please we can get through this, if you just come out!

me- FINE!

i open the stall door and walk out to fine Katie, Sammy and abby waiting for me.

Sammy- better?

me- no!

Sammy- well pretend it is.

we all walk out of the loo in to the hall way to find people going about there own lives! maybe it wont be as bad, maybe they forgot all about it.

i walk to my locker to find a teddy stuck to my locker. awww who could of sent this?

i take it of my locker to find a picture with me sucking my thumb, WAIT!

i turn around to see lots of people looking and laughing at me and lauging at the photos all over the wall, ME, SUCKING MY THUMB!!! ....... JUSTIN!!

Justin- you like my photo of you ugly?


i stopped before i could finish, i could see the anger in Justin's face, i know what's about to come! as he looks round to see  if any ones watching the bell rings, THATS IS TIME TO GO HOME!! i know i said i only had one lesson, i did, i skipped class, i know i never do but i guess the girls covered for me.

everone hurried out the door, including the girls.

just before i could leave Justin pushed me against the lockers hitting my head as i fall down. right before i could stand up, he kicked me in the leg, again!

Justin- opps didn't see you there!

he walked of lauging. 

thanks Justin.

as i get up and walk out the door limping i see Justin down the road, wow, no car today, that's a first!

i get down the road to find Justin has disappeared, good don't have to walk 1 mph behind him.

i cant get him out of my mind, not in that way, i mean i cant get the way everyday he bullies me in front of everyday.

i cross the road still thinking how im gonna get through this, just then i heard i car speeding round the corner i look up to see the car right in front of me i cant move im stuck, frozen! HELP!!!!  





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