rock me

do you remember summer 09? Yeah i do. i remember how the best summer of my life turned into the worst. i remember telling one of the most famous boys to rock me. and i remember finding out that i had to look after a small baby on my own after he left to become famous. thats right! me and liam payne in summer 09. they could never shut us down!


2. valerie?

liams p.o.v


i saw a bright red mess of ginger hair step out of a car. i caught a glimpse of her face as she pulled something from the back seat. she picked it up and carried it towards her house. i recognised her immediatley. i needed to get her attention but there was only one way how i could think of getting it

"why dont you come on over valerie" i sang and she immediatly  turned around. it was only then i saw what she was holding. a kid. my kid



my phone was ringing. valerie. i answered it straight away.

"hey babe, i've missed ya" i said. its been about 2 months since i saw her and i do miss her like crazy. i could hear small sobbing noises down the phone.

"whats up babe?" i asked

"lee im-im-im pr-pr-pregnant!" she said. i turned angry. i dont know why it was partly my fault bt something inside me twitched

"you what valerie. this is your fault with your stupid rock me nonsense. do me a favour and get rid of the kid cuz i aint looking after it. i never want to speak to you again valerie" i  practically yelled down the phone

"but lee my parents kicked me out. i have nowhere to go" she sobbed

"good you deserve it now leave me alone" i yelled before hanging up the phone

*end of flashback*


"look valerie im so sorry. i should never have said those things. im really sorry. i thought you had an abortion and i do wanna be a part of her life" i said. she glared at me. i edged closer to her and she started to run. still with my daughter in her hands. i ran after her. i turned a corner to see her hiding behind louis.

"look ri-ri" i said

"piss off liam. you've ruined my life once. im not letting you do it again!" she screamed. i went to move closer to her but louis got in the way

"really lou?" i asked

"ill talk to her but i think its best if you keep your distance for now" he said and followed valerie into her flat


louis p.o.v


i followed her into her flat. it was tiny

"so um i heard lee call ya ri-ri, whats that short for?" i asked

"valerie" she replied finally putting her kid down

"and her name? i asked

"anabelle but i call her bella" she replied

"so whats up with you and liam?" i asked

"one sec" she said as she took bella in another room. she looked exactly like liam so i guess shes his. valerie came back and sat on the sofa next to me

"explain" i said and she took a deep breath

"well in 2009 i went on holiday with 2 of my mates to a beachhouse. but it had been double booked so we had to share with these other 3 people. not that we minded. well i fell in love with one of them. liam. we spent a month there and the day before we had to go home i sat with laim on the beach. i told him to rock me..."

"so your the rock me girl" i interupted

"yeah so has lia told you this bit of the story?" she asked

"yeah" i replied

"well 2 months after we left i started feeing really sick. i got a pregnancy test and sure enough it was positive. when i told my parents they kicked me out. i called liam cuz i knew he was the only person it could possibly be. when i told him he told me to abort it. that it was my fault and that he never wanted to see me again. i told him i'd got kicked out hoping he'd want to help but he told me i deserved it. then he hung up the phone and didnt speak to me ever again. until today i got out my car and started walking here. i heard someone singing valerie. i turned round and saw liam. he apologised for everything and tried to come closer. i ran away and then into you" she said. by now she had tears in her eyes and she was trying her best not to break down in tears. i laughed trying to cheer her up

"i still cant believe your the rock me girl. we thought liam was making her up so we wrote a song about it. we didnt think it was actually you or we wouldnt have wrote i" i said and she smiled

"its ok. its a cool song!" she replied

"well as much as you might think liams an ass at the moment i think you should talk to him, hes changed alot since then!" i said

"okay" she whispered

"ill go get him" i said as i walked out the door. i quickly ran back and took he phone. i pu my number in it

"Call me if you need anything" i said as i ran to get liam. he was standing just outside

"your an ass lee." i said "but shes willig to talk to you, dont blow it!" i said

" iwont" he cried as he ran inside.

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