rock me

do you remember summer 09? Yeah i do. i remember how the best summer of my life turned into the worst. i remember telling one of the most famous boys to rock me. and i remember finding out that i had to look after a small baby on my own after he left to become famous. thats right! me and liam payne in summer 09. they could never shut us down!


4. moving in

vals p.o.v


"is mummy allowed to come?" bella asked. liam turned to me

"does mummy want to come?" he asked. i nodded. liam might have ruined my life but i know he can give my, i mean our daughter an amazing one.

"i'll do anything to give bella a good life" i replied.

"so shall we go pack then?" liam asked and bella nodded. she ran into her room

"daddy, help me pack!" she said

"one second baby let me go talk to mummy" he replied. by now i was in my room. he followed me in and cllosed the door behind him

"you won regret this" he said.

"can you go get louis. i want to talk to him whilst you help bella pack" i replied. he looked a little hurt but he did so. he walked out the room and i heard the front door open. a few seconds later louis burst in my bedroom door.

"whats up ri?" he asked pulling me in for a hug. i burst into tears

"hes asked me to move in with him and i've agreed but i dont know if i can do this" i said between sobs

"of course you can do this! if not for yourself do it for bella" he replied

"but ever since shes been born everything i have done has been for bella"

"i know ri but now liams in the picture you can be yourself again! its gonna be okay. anyway we're all living together at the moment seeing as we're going on tour in 2 weeks so you'll be with me" he said

"wait your going on tour. whats gonna happen to me and bella" i asked

"lets be honest ri. now liams found you he's never gonna want to let you go. he's always thought about you even when he thought we didnt realise. hes constantly either singing valerie or rock me. it didnt make sense to us at first but it does now"

"do the others know yet?" i asked. he shook his head

"i think it would be best for you to tell them. now you pack your bedroom and ill go do the kitchen for you" i didnt have time to oject before he went in there. he came back a minute later

"ri, you have nothing in your kitchen. how do you live like this?" he asked

"i dont know, i just do" i replied before turning my back on him. i started packing and i felt like he was still watching me. i turned round to see he wasnt there though. i carried on with my packing and within half an hour i was done. i stood outside bellas door watching her and liam pack. they were almost done and i saw them messing around. i have to admit there was nothing to worry about. i felt someone creep up behind me

"see i told you there was nothing to worry about!" louis whispered in my ear.

"i know. its just i dont know if my heart can risk being broken again" i replied

"lees not like that anymore ri. he wants whats best for you and bella. ive packed the rest of your flat for you. there wasnt much anyway"

"thanks lou" just then liam and bella walked out liams room.we put all our stuff in liams car.

"come on bel" i said leading her to my car. its probably the nicest thing i own. i only have it because i won it in a competition but still. bella got in the car with me and we followed the boys back to their house. it was about 10 minutes away. we pulled up at the boys house. liam got all my stuff at the car and him and louis took it inside. i owned like nothing anyway. the rest of the boys were in the house

"whos this hottie lee" harry asked

"this is valerie. we know eachother cuz of summer 09 and this" he said picking bella up "is my daughter bella" niall laughed and we all stared at him

"im sorry but summer 09, a kid. please say your the rock me girl" harry and zayn stared at me. i felt myself blush.

"ummmmm yh. i kinda am" all the boys laughed.

"dont be embarresed you made a beautiful kid" zayn said

"aww thanks" i replied. i turned to liam.

"lee can we sort bella bed out. its 8 and her bedtimes at 7" i asked. he nodded

"yeah sure, lou come help" louis and liam went upstairs whilst i was akwardly stuck downstairs with the boys

"sooooo......." niall said breaking the silence

"so...." i replied

"rock me huh?"


"we all thought liam was making it up but it made a cool song. did you actually say hit the pedal hevy metal show me you care?"


"well you are officially my hero" then liam reappeared.

"beds ready" i took bella up. i put he into bed and tucked her in. i gave her a kiss on the cheek. liam i to. we turned off the light and left the room. we shut the door and stood outside.

"um val. i knowits early but we're going on our in 2 weeks and i wondered if you and bella wanted to come"

"yeah lee. i would like that"

"and i also wondered if you wanted to try again"

"i wish i could say no but even after all you've done to me i still love you. so yeah lets try again." he smiled

"and another thing. bellas in the only spare room so... where do ya wanna sleep?"

" um i dunno lee its your house"

"yo could always stay in my room"

"i could, couldnt i" i smiled and followed him downstairs.

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