rock me

do you remember summer 09? Yeah i do. i remember how the best summer of my life turned into the worst. i remember telling one of the most famous boys to rock me. and i remember finding out that i had to look after a small baby on my own after he left to become famous. thats right! me and liam payne in summer 09. they could never shut us down!


3. can i trust you?

liams p.o.v


 i walked into her flat and saw a picture of us two together. it was half way through our holiday just after we realised our love for eachother


"lee" she called and dragged me over to where her and matthew were standing.

"take a picture mattie" she called and handed her camera to him. we pulled the silliest pose we could think of. after she took the camera off matthew we looked at it. we couldnt help but laugh. we were both pulling the most stupid faces in the world but she still looked great. whereas i looked, well just stupid.

"im gonna print this out and keep it forever" she said giving me a massive hug

"you better" i replied hugging back

*end of flashback*


 i walked into her living room. her flat was tiny. there was barely any space at all. i saw her siiting on the sofa and i said the first thing that came to my head

"how did you end up here. its tiny?" i knew it was a stupid thing to say the minute i said it

"because i got kcked out remember. i barely have enough food to feed myself but i carry on for bellas sake"

"bella" i said

"yes bella. your 3 year old daughter" she replied. i immediatly fell silent

"can i see her?" i asked

"ill think about it. right now its a no you have 5 minutes to change my mind." she said. i took a deep breath and began to speak

"when you called me i was in shock. we were still just 14 when it happened and i and only just turned 15 when you told me. my mum would kill me and im so sorry. i didnt know youwould have to go through this on your own." i said

"i couldnt kill a living thing liam. even if it meant ruining my life." she said back.

"look ri-ri i know you dont want to forgive me but please. for bellas sake. i can help her have an amazing life. i know you think you can do this on your own but i want to help you and her. please give me another chance and i'll prove i've changed. im not a selfish little 15 year old any more." she stared at me in my eyes.

"i dont know if i can trust you again?" she said

"then dont trust me. forgive me and let me rebuild your trust!" she stared at me

"okay, i guess we can try"

"thank so so much ri-ri. now can i meet my daughter?" i asked. she nodded and went into the next room. she came out holding a little girls hand. she had beautiful brown eyes and lightish brown hair. she looked exactly lke me

"bella this is your daddy" valerie said. the little girl smiled

"hello daddy my names bella. i know your name because mummy lkes listening to your music" she said

"hello bella. yes i am your new daddy. would you like to come and live with me and everyone else in one direction" i asked

"can mummy come?" bella asked

"does mummy want to come?" i asked and looked at valerie

"if it provides a decent life for my daughter then i am willing to do anything!" she said

"great well get yourself packed and we can go!" i said. i followed bella into her room to help her pack whilst valerie went into her room.

"is mummy allowed to come" she asked


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