Life is harder than you think...

#One Direction not Famous#

Katniss is an ordinary 18 year-old-girl.
She move to London with her two best friends: Savannah and Niall. Their relationship is very strong and they are like siblings.
Niall starts hanging out with 4 dudes that are a lot of fun!
Katniss life is perfect until she finds out that she loves her best friend, Niall.
She needs to find a way to forget him and be again what she was.
But life is harder than you think...


4. The Take Off

#Niall's Pov.#

We all ended up sleeping last night with the smooth warm air here outside. I was still with my eyes closed because I didn't wanted to wake up, I just stayed laid on the grass relaxing... until someone slapped me in the face...

I opened my eyes with anger... but then I calm myself down... I was laying between Katniss and Savannah, in one side Savannah was slapping me in the face and in the other Katniss was giving me tiny kicks on my legs.... REALLY?!

I let a small groan that make Savannah wake up.

"Niall shut up!" she slowly said

"I'm the one who's being slapped here missy!!!" I said to her

"Sorry.... Niall what time is it?" she asked

"I'm gonna check..."

I got up and I went to my tent and I slowly reached the phone... IT WAS 6.30 AM!!!!

"EVERYBODY WAKE UP, NOW!!!" I screamed

" What?" Sa asked me


She started screaming and waking Kat up, then we all went to our houses to bring our bags and to give a goodbye kiss to our family.

We all met at the park at the end of our street and we all got into the same cab.

When the cab finally stopped at the airport we all started to run to make the check-in and then getting into our plane.


#Niall's off#


We sat in our seats, Niall was between me and Savannah, on Savannah's right there was a young girl like our age and on my left there was a cute boy with dark hair and blue eyes, about our age too.

"Hi I'm Jake and you?" the guy asked. 

"I'm Katniss, but just call me Kat, and these are Niall and Savannah, my best friends." 

They all greeted Jake. And then Niall put his headphones and started listening to music and Sa was like talking with that girl about fashion...  

"Where are you guys going?" Jake asked. 

"We're going to London, to Savannah's new house, we are going to live there. And you Jake?" I gently asked. 

"I'm going to move to London too!" 

"Maybe we can hang out there!" I said. 

"Yes, can you give me your number Kat?" he asked. 

Suddenly Niall give me a small kick, I look at him with a "What?!" face. And he let a small glare to Jake. 

"Oh sorry you guys are a couple..." Jake said with embarresment. 

"NO we aren't, Niall is just being over protective..." 

"Don't worry bro I'm not hoing to hurt her ok?"  

Niall let another glare to Jake and keeped listening to music. 

I gave my number to Jake and he did the same to me.  

We just talked, a lot actually.... Jake was a really cool guy...


What do you think?



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