Life is harder than you think...

#One Direction not Famous#

Katniss is an ordinary 18 year-old-girl.
She move to London with her two best friends: Savannah and Niall. Their relationship is very strong and they are like siblings.
Niall starts hanging out with 4 dudes that are a lot of fun!
Katniss life is perfect until she finds out that she loves her best friend, Niall.
She needs to find a way to forget him and be again what she was.
But life is harder than you think...


2. The Question

I arrived at home and there she was... waiting for me.

"Mum are you ok?!" I gently asked.

"Yeah I just need to tell you something..." she answered.

"Sooooo tell me because I need to ask you something too!" It all was really strange.

"Ask me first" she said.

"Ok... uhm... do you remember that think that I begged to you when I turned 18?" I asked.

I really hope she get it what I'm talking about because I don't want to tell the facts again...

"Oh yes! That combination with Savannah and Niall that you did..."

"Yes that one... SOOO,what do you think?"

I was mentally nervous I want this so badly! I couldn't read my mum's expression so I truely didn't know the answer.

"Darling I talked with Bella and with Maura..." she started.

Oh this wasn't good for me or even for Savannah and Niall!

Bella was Savannah's mother and Maura was Niall's, our mums were like best friends since High School and they are just like sisters.


I was shaking, can I go or not?! I's all I want to know!!!! My mum knows that I always wanted to move to London with my best friends! And she knows that my dream is to enter in LMAU (London's Music and Arts University)! My life was about to start or end in that moment....

"You guys... CAN GO!"

I freezed... then I understood what she said and I started screaming.

"OMG! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" I screamed.

"Nope, but darling I'm trusting you now ok? You are 18 years old you're not a fucking baby ... Niall is almost doing 18 too so I hope that you guys don't get too drunk in London ok?"

"OK! THANKS MUM, A LOT!" I hugged her. I was so happy I was going to be independent... almost independent... I need to be more responsable now!

"When are we going to leave?" I asked my mum.

"Not tomorrow but the day after tomorrow!" She said.

"Ah... so it's 12th September right?"

"Yes" she answered.

"A day after Niall's birthday? What about his birthday party with his family and us?"

"Yeah... but Maura don't mind, she said that the only thing that matter to her is to her son to be happy!"

"Oh ok..."

Poor Niall... he can't pass his 18th birthday without his family! Wait... me and Savannah are his family too... kind of... and we are going to be more a family there in London! I need to throw an awesome birthday party for Niall!

"And what about school?" I asked.

"I sent your files to LMAU, I truely hope that you study in that university, you love music and arts so that school is just perfect! They will send you an answer on 18th September they said."


My life was complete now.... London with my best friends, LMAU.... yeah I didn't even know if I'm going to pass to LMAU but I hope so...!

"I think that is better to you start to doing your bags don't you think honey?" My mum asked.

"GOING!" I went upstairs and I started to dial Savannah's number.


#call on#

Me- Savannah?

Sa- K-a-t-n-i-s-s I'm... I mean did you know that... OMG...

Me- We all can go together to London!


Me- ME TOO! I'm packing my bags now and you?

Sa- I'm sitting on the sofa eating some popcorns... my bags are already done...


Sa- Do you wanna come over?

Me- I can't sorry, busy here and we are going to have lessons tomorrow...


*my phone starts ringing in other line*


Me- Savannah I need to end the call because someone is calling me ok? Bye!

Sa- OK

#call off#


#call on#

Me- Hello?

xxx- KAT!

Me- Niall?

Niall- YEAH...'?



Me- YES!!!

Niall- I'm soooo excited to live in London... and... Kat can you please open your window it's a bit windy here outside....

Me- What?

I oppened the window and there he was.... REALLY?! -.-


#call off#


He gave me a bear hug and then he sat on my bed watching TV.


Niall was crazy it was 23:00 and tomorrow we have school and he were in my bedroom watching TV!

"What do you think? I'm here to eat! There's no good food in my fridge!"


"Have you got popcorns or marshmellows?"

" I think that I only have marshmallows... I'll get them ok?"


I went downstairs and I grabbed the marshmallows then I came back upstairs.

"There they are!" I said giving Niall the marshmallows

"YUMY! DO YOU WANT SOME? Oh forget you don't like sugared things!"


"And that's why you have an amazing body! I'm jealous!" he said dramatically

"Niall you have got an amazing body too for someone that eats A LOT you are really thin."

"I know... sooo what's is going to be the film that we're going to watch?"

"I don't know choose you! What about a Disney marathon?"

"REALLY?! DISNEY?!" he asked with a funny face

"Yeah why not?!" I asked

"I don't want!"

"But I want!"

"I don't care I don't want!"

"Niall!!! Disney now!"


I pushed him to the floor.

"No you didn't!!!" he said with a smirk on his lips

"Oh yes Horan, I did it!"

Suddenly he pushed me to the floor too and he began to tickle me.

"STOP!" I said laughing


"Ok no Disney...!"

"Good so what are we going to see?" he said thinking about it

"I don't know let's see... Love Actually!!! Please Niall!"

"Ok but no Disney!" he said smiling

"Yes no Disney...!"

We started watching the film about 30 min. I fell asleep... typical me...


#Niall's Pov#

I was still watching the film when suddently I felt something falling to my shoulder... it was Kat... she always fell asleep with this film.... I put her head in her pillow and I wrapped her with the bed sheet.

"Good night sister..." I whispered

Then I fell asleep too...


#Pov. off#

I wake up with the warm of my body, I looked around and I realized that me and Niall were cuddled.

He is so cute when he's sleeping! But I need my revenge...

I slowly got up and I went to the kitchen.

I grabbed some flour and ice cubs... my revenge is about to start...

I put the flour in the bathroom door and I slowly put the ice cubs in Niall's t-shirt.

"AHHH, WTF?!" he screamed

I started laughing.

"Katniss Valley you are so screwed!" he screamed

"First wash your face you have some unicorns in your forehead!" I lied

" What the...!" he started walking to the bathroom and then he opens the door..

"KATNISS!" he screamed.

"Now I think that you need to wash all your body!" I laughed

He hugged me.

" Now you too" he said

"Niall!" I screamed, I was full of flour now!

"Katniss what is the... Niall?" my mum suddenly opens my bedroom door.

"Hi Alexa" he greeted

"Kids why are you with flour and what is Niall doing here?"

"I slept here " he answered

"Ah ok no problem but first you need to warning me ok son?" she said

Niall was like a son to my mum just like Savannah was another daughter for her too...

"Ok!" he said

"Now hurry up 'cause you have school!"

I went to the downstairs bathroom and I taked a shower and got dressed. Niall was upstairs doing the same thing.


------------------------------------------------minutes later-------------------------------------------


"DONE!" Niall screamed

"ME TOO! BYE MUM! I screamed


"BYE ALEXA!" Niall screamed before we get out of my house.

Then we went to school.




I hope that you like it! It's my first fanficton here so I'm trying to do my best!

Leave some comments please! I really want to know what do you think about my fic ok?

Lots of love xxx


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