Life is harder than you think...

#One Direction not Famous#

Katniss is an ordinary 18 year-old-girl.
She move to London with her two best friends: Savannah and Niall. Their relationship is very strong and they are like siblings.
Niall starts hanging out with 4 dudes that are a lot of fun!
Katniss life is perfect until she finds out that she loves her best friend, Niall.
She needs to find a way to forget him and be again what she was.
But life is harder than you think...


3. The Last Night

We finally got into the classroom. It was the first time that I wasn't late!

"Can we enter?" Niall asked

"Of course, you're not late!"

"Thanks Miss River..." I said sitting on my seat.

"Niall I passed by your house and you weren't there! Where were you this morning?!" Savannah asked.

"I was in Kat's house why?"

"WOW I mean did you slept there?!" Savannah asked curious

"Yeah why?" Niall said

"YOU DIDN'T INVITED ME! YOU SAID YOU WERE BUSY!" Savannah almost yelled at me.

"He showed up there, I wasn't expecting sorry"

"We saw your favorite film did you know Savannah?" Niall said in a childish voice


We all started laughing until we finally shuted up.

#30 minutes later#

We went to the break and we sited in a small bench.

"WE ARE GOING TO LONDON!" I finally broke the silence.

"Yeah it is tomorrow... at 5am in my house ok?!" Savannah said

"OK" I answered

"Wait why don't we make a fireplace in Savannah's garden and camp there?" Niall asked.

"Great! You all are going to sleep in my house tonight ok?" Savannah said

"OK!" Me and Niall answered.

Suddenly I started listen at a car noise, like a hooter.

"Sa your mum is here!"

We went to Savannah's car and we explained our plan to Bella.

"Ok no problem kids but what about your bags?" she asked

"We live in the same street mum do you remember?" Savannah asked Bella

"Ah ok. Come in people!"

"Lol thanks Bella" me and Niall said

We went to Savannah's house and we prepared our little camp in the garden, then we sat on the grass looking at the sky full of stars.

"I'm going miss my home town!" I said

"Me too..." Niall joined me.

"Yeah..." Savannah said looking a little bit sad too.

"Let's play a game!" I suddenly said

"Ok!" Savannah said

"Truth or Dare!!!!" Niall screamed

We started playing I was starting.

"So.... Savannah truth or dare?"

"Truth" she said

"Bullsh#t!!!... Do you love Michael from the other class?" I finally asked

"NO!" she said

Michael was a really cool guy and sometimes I found him and Sa together so I was with doubts...

"Niall truth or dare?" Savannah asked

"Dare of course!" he said with pride

"Pff... ok... I dare you to... eat the grass that's under Kat's butt!" she said

"Disgusting... don't do that... I mean that's even a dare?" I said

"I'm not good with dares!" she screamed

"Kat get up..." Niall said


"Yeah that's not a hard dare!" he said

Disgusting... but he did the dare... typical Niall

"Now me! KAT! Truth or dare?" he asked me


"OMG! YOU ARE SOOO SCREWED!" Savannah warned me.

"GOOD....So Kat I dare you to... run into the street only wearing underwear!" Niall said

Is in these times that I regret from what I chose...

I started to undress myself and then I start running into the street then I came into Savannah's garden and they were laughing at me.

"Not funny!" I screamed

"You choose dare sweetheart..." said Savannah between laghs

We stopped playing and Niall started playing the guitar and singing.

"Guess i'll put on my raincoat, my yellow raincoat

Baby it's keeping me dry

I put on my raincoat, my yellow raincoat

You know exactly why.."

We all started singing together, we love to sing especially me and Niall, we always sing when we are sad or when we don't have the right way to say something.

"...When the wind blows, and the sun goes away

And the sand fall, storming me dead, it's a destroyer, this is for you

And as it pours down, the water sprinkles off my chest, it's destroyer, it's like is to ya


Whenever i do have it, do i have it, want this to face me

Whenever i do have it, do i want this thing to make me

Cause the fame, and the money, and the girl will drive you crazy

Another he say, she say, i'm thinking maybe

Just put on..." -> Yellow Raincoat, by Justin Bieber


And this was the rest of the night that I remember because I fell asleep.


So yup most of you are thinking: "What the heck man? Why is she updating so much?" The answer is that I am also writing this fic on Wattpad, and this on Wattpad has more parts published so I'm trying to put them all here.

Ok so that's all... luv u 



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