Life is harder than you think...

#One Direction not Famous#

Katniss is an ordinary 18 year-old-girl.
She move to London with her two best friends: Savannah and Niall. Their relationship is very strong and they are like siblings.
Niall starts hanging out with 4 dudes that are a lot of fun!
Katniss life is perfect until she finds out that she loves her best friend, Niall.
She needs to find a way to forget him and be again what she was.
But life is harder than you think...


1. Life is harder than you think...

*Chapter 1*

"KAT! WAKE UP! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR YOUR 1st DAY OF SCHOOL?!" yells my mum from the kitchen. 

"Yeah...I am..." I say in a low voice. 

It was the first day of school after the summer vacations and I was really excited to see my friends again. 

Quickly I get dressed... I put some shorts, a Ramones scratched t-shirt and a pair of my brend new All Stars. Yeah... that's my style... 

I picked up my school bag and I went downstairs to the kitchen to eat breakfast. 

"FINALLY! I am going now mum ok? Bye" 

"OK! And Katniss be home early."she said. 

I got into my car and I drove to High School. 

Quickly I ran into the hallways to find my class. 


Finally I found it and I open the door. 

"You're late Katniss!" said the teacher. 


"Cmon miss River it's the first day of school is completely normal..." said Niall with a smirk on his lips. 

"Ok come in..." said miss River 

"Thank you!!!" I almost yelled. 

I sited between my two friends, Niall and Savannah, we are best friends since 5th grade! So basicly we are like siblings. 

"Thanks Niall" I wispered. 

"Without you there's no fun." he said. 

"What about me!" said Savannah dramaticly. 

"You are already here sis don't be jealous."he said with a smirk. 

"Lol" I laugh 

"I'm not jealous!" said Savannah like a baby about to cry. 

" Shut up you three!" yelled the teacher. 

#1 hour after# 

"You can go now goodbye... and remember you all need to study!!!" said the teacher,we barely didn't listen, we just get out of there. 

"So ...did you guys asked your parents about we moving together to my lovely home town?" asked Savannah. 

We actually live in Ireland, me and Niall are Irish but Savannah is English from London... yeah she has that different accent... 

"Uhm... nop..." I said 

"I did." said Niall making a mysterious face. 

"And...?" Savannah asked with a "duh" face. 


"YEESSSS!!!!" yelled Savannah 

"I completely forgot to ask sorry..." I said a little sad 

"No problem sis I know that you are an irresponsable person..." said Savannah smiling 

"No I'm not!!!" 

"Yes you are Kat..." whispered Niall 

"It's true...I know..." I said 

Yes I am the older one, I'm 18, Niall is 17 but his birthday is on September so he is almost 18. 

Savannah is the young sister, she is 17 but she is more responsable than me and Niall together. 

"I swear I'm gonna ask today!"  

I really want to move to London with my two best friends! I mean we are preparing this since we're in 10th grade! 

Savannah has got a big bongalow there in London, it was a present from her grandparents before they died, so we have a lot of space there for the three of us. 

"Promise?" they asked me. 

"Yes I promise..." 

"Good, now what do you want to do?" asked Niall. 

"I need to go home guys sorry... I think my mum want to tell me something..." 

"Ok...." both said. 

"Bye see you tomorrow!" I said. 

"Bye sis." both said again like a choire. 


First fanfic hope you like it and enjoy it, it means a LOT to me :) 

LUV U <3


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