Kenny's Daughter....

Justin's main bodyguard, Kenny, has a daughter, Isabella. What happens when Kenny brings the daughter nobody knew about on the Believe Tour? Will Justin fall for Isabella, will Isabella feel the same way? Read to find out....


4. What now?

Isabella's POV

   After our little session, Justin has not kept his hands off of me. We're currently in his car, but he made dad drive. We're in the backseat and he's driving me crazy 'cause he keeps rubbing my inner thigh. All I want to do is grab his face and bring his perfectly plump lips to mine. I think my dad knew something was going on because every other 5 minutes he would either turn around or look through the mirror just to see what we're doing. I kept biting my lip trying to hold in my moans, but it was no help. A little moan slipped from my lips and my dad instantly turned around and told Justin to get in the front seat. I'll admit I was a little sad but I knew Justin wouldn't stop teasing me just by the smirk he gave me. After Justin got to the front seat, my phone started vibrating in my back pocket.

From: Justin <3

....ur all mine tonite!

To: Justin <3

K, maybe we can finish our lil sesh from earlier? ;)

From: Justin <3

Jerry grew...after that txt....of me and u close and hot...and I think ur dad knows cuz he's eyeballin me rite now!

To: Justin <3

Ha! I'm pretty sure he knows that I'm the reason of....ur...bulge! LOL

From: Justin <3

Jerry is no laughing matter, especially when ur the cause!

To: Justin <3

Sowwie boo but u tease me all the time!

   Just when Justin's name popped up on my screen the car stopped. I looked out the window and we were in front of a massive tour bus. I was guessing that it was Justin's considering that we are on HIS BELIEVE TOUR. I was about to open my door when suddenly Justin opened it and grabbed my hand and pulled me into a room on the tour bus, probably his. The minute he closed the door and locked it he started to kiss my neck.

Isabella: Oh Justin....

   I moaned. I was really unsure whether we should do this or not. But it felt SO GOOD. Damn! why'd he have to be so fucking sexy? He unbuttoned my jeans and pushed me down on the bed. My heart was racing but deep in my mind I knew we shouldn't do it. He slowly took off my shirt and stared at me like I was the most precious thing in the world. He then ran his hands down my legs and we started to make out again. I asked myself, 'just take a chance', its JUSTIN BIEBER FOR CHRISTS SAKE! I tugged at the bottom of his shirt, indicating that I wanted it off of him. He nodded and took off his shirt. I couldn't help but start at his abs. He smirked at me and I blushed. He started grinding on me, which caused Jerry to grow larger. I giggled at the thought of Jerry, like why name it in the first place?

Justin: Baby are you sure you wanna do this?

Isabella: I-I don't know...

Justin: It's alright if you don't, I mean like losing your virginity on a tour bus really isn't special, and I don't wanna take it like that.

   I was shocked and yet relieved at the same time. I nodded lightly and grabbed my shirt. I looked down and saw that my pants were unbuttoned.

Isabella: Babe did you unbutton my pants?

Justin: Um yeah, you don't remember?

Isabella: No, but don't give me details, 'cause I'm trying not to be horny...

   I looked at Justin and I saw the smirk on his face get wider and I smiled to myself.

Kenny's POV

   As soon as I saw Justin and Izzy disappear somewhere in the tour bus, I knew what was going to happen. Was I okay with the fact of Justin taking my daughter's virginity? Hell no, but I'd rather it be him than some bastard who just wants her body more than her personality and qualities in life. I got out the car shaking the thoughts of Justin and my little girl doing things out of my head. As soon as I sat down on the couch inside, Justin and Izzy came out of Justin's bedroom. Great just as I got them out of my head, they reappear!

Justin: Aye! Earth to Kenny!

Kenny: Sorry man I was just thinking...

Isabella: About what?

Kenny: anyways Justin, Scooter called he said you have a radio interview tomorrow.

Justin: With who?

Kenny: Z104

Justin: Awesome, I love that radio station! They play cool songs.

Isabella: Ha! I mean sure they're cool and stuff but they don't play Red Nose, and that's my fucking song! Like for real they play all the other songs but not that one!

Kenny: What the hell is Red Nose?

Justin: Um Bells should I show him or tell him?

Isabella: Umm neither, maybe we'll make a Red Nose video and post it, then show him...

Justin: As much as I love that idea your dad wouldn't.

Kenny: Yeah! Wait if Justin says I won't like it then I most likely won't like it, so don't do it.

   Isabella gave Justin the 'whythefuckwouldyousaythathewouldntlikeit' death glare. I chuckled to myself at the thought of their relationship between each other. They surely are cute together.

Justin's POV


    A lot was going through my mind at the time. What happened between me and Izzy was crazy but hot at the same time! I wanted to go further but I didn't wanna take Izzy's virginity on a fucking tour bus, I want it to be special.

Isabella: Justin, come on lets watch a movie.

Justin: Okay, pick one out while I change babe.

   I stripped down to my boxers. I always sleep in my boxers and plus its not like Izzy-oh wait she hasn't seen my boxers yet. Maybe I should put some basketball shorts on? So I did. I didn't wanna make Izzy uncomfortable, especially when she has to sleep with me.

Isabella: Hey babe don't start the movie without me, okay?

Justin: Okay.

   And with that she went into the bathroom. I looked at the movie she picked out. Hangover 2. I guess she's in the mood to laugh. I saw the bathroom light go out so I picked my head up and looked at Izzy. My mouth dropped, not in a bad way, but in a 'damnyoulookfuckingsexy' way. She was wearing a white tank top that shows her curves and it showed her black lacey part of her bra, black short shorts, and she had her long black, colorful highlighted hair in a messy bun.

Isabella: You might wanna close your mouth before you catch flies babe.

Justin: Sorry, its look fucking sexy.

   Isabella looked down at the floor and blushed. I don't know why she didn't like to blush in front of me because I love it. She's so adorable when her cheeks turn a light crimson color. The rest of the night was funny and sexy at the same time. It was funny because of the movie, and sexy because after the movie Bells and I had ourselves a little, but hot, but sweet make out session. After that I kissed Izzy on her forehead as she cuddled up closer to me and said goodnight to the most beautiful girl.


*A/N: SURPRISE! Lol well my friend, Sidney, helped with this chapter. We kinda wanted to add more of 'Jella" (Justin & Isabella). So there you go my loves! I don't know if I will update while I'm camping but who knows, after this stunt I pulled, I don't know what I would think LOL anyways Sidney fell asleep on me and like right now its 1:03 am and I got up at like 8 so I'm tired. Byeeeeeeeeeee my loves <3*






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