Kenny's Daughter....

Justin's main bodyguard, Kenny, has a daughter, Isabella. What happens when Kenny brings the daughter nobody knew about on the Believe Tour? Will Justin fall for Isabella, will Isabella feel the same way? Read to find out....


9. Trouble

Isabella's POV

 *23 days later*

   I knew something was wrong with Justin that day. I just didn't ask because I respect privacy. Now I know what you guys are thinking: why are you giving him privacy, you guys are together, you guys shouldn't have any secrets. We don't have secrets, I'll just let him tell me when he's ready too. Justin and I decided to go shopping but we ended up getting mobbed so we went back to our hotel in Canada. As I was walking up the stairs with Justin, my phone rang. I picked it up to see 'Steph :D' written all over the screen.

Isabella: Hellurrrr

Stephanie: Izzy?! Heeeyyyy we haven't talked in like months!

Isabella: Bitch please its only been a couple of weeks!

Stephanie: Well it seems like forever because I don't have my hoe with me.

Isabella: Awh I miss you too!

Stephanie: *muah* but I have something to ask you...

Isabella: Yeah?

Stephanie: Why didn't you tell me about Kenny being your dad?

Isabella: I honestly don't know, I have a hard time telling people that...

Stephanie: Am I the only perso-

Isabella: No! Steph none of my friends know, nobody that I know that like goes to ODU wit us, none of them know.

Stephanie: Well they know now....

Isabella: What do you mean?

Stephanie: Girl, have you not seen TMZ and all that shit?!

Isabella: NO!

Stephanie: Well they were talking about you, and now everyone knows...I'm sorry.

Isabella: Ugh! Whatever...thanks for telling me Steph

Stephanie: Your welcome! But is it true that you and Justin...

Isabella: Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!!


Steph was so loud that Justin could hear her, so I just put her on speaker.

Justin: Uh Stephanie...I'm pretty sure I don't have 'fucking' in my name...haha

Stephanie: Oh my god! Justin....

Next thing you know we heard a thump and the other end was slient.

Isabella: Great Jay just great! You made my bestfriend faint!

Justin: Hey its not my fault that I'm irresistible!

I hung up the phone and playfully hit his arm.

Stephanie's POV

   I woke up on the floor. I was so confused. But then it all came back, Justin is dating my bestfriend, Justin said my name, he actually talked to me! Ugh but I would faint as soon as he talks to me! Whatever. I got up and sat on my bed. I decided to watch tv. I turned on the tv and next thing I know is that TMZ flashes all over the screen.

TMZ reporter: Sources say that Justin Bieber is invited to the Come & Get It singer Selena Gomez's birthday party tomorrow. As we all know, Selena turned 21 four days ago. Sources say that her birthday party is tomorrow and Justin is invited! But her bestfriend Taylor Swift is also invited. Taylor said that she would not go if Justin goes. Remember what happened at the BBMA's Justin and Selena were caught kissing (on the cheek) and Taylor stuck her tounge out in disgust. But also Justin is in Canada so is he going to fly all the way to California or will Taylor get her wish and be able to go to her bestfriends birthday bash?

I shut off the tv and called Izzy.


*A/N: hey guys! well I updated lol and I'm pretty sure I'll update tomorrow but idk. tell me what you guys think. now I know that its passed all of this but hey this is a fanfic maybe I'll give it a twist. its all up to you! Anyways I have to go byeeeeeeeee loves*





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