Kenny's Daughter....

Justin's main bodyguard, Kenny, has a daughter, Isabella. What happens when Kenny brings the daughter nobody knew about on the Believe Tour? Will Justin fall for Isabella, will Isabella feel the same way? Read to find out....


5. Tour Life

Isabella's POV

   I woke up around 9 am wrapped in Justin's arms. I tried to get up and go to the bathroom, but his grip just got tighter.

Isabella: Babe I gotta go pee...

Justin (mumbling): No...stay...please...

Isabella: Fine but its not my fault if you wake up with pee on you.....

Justin: Fine go but be back in a minute and I mean it too. Imma count to 69 and if-

Isabella: But there's 60 seconds in a minute.

Justin: I know but 69 is what we're going to do right now, right here if you don't hurry.

   As soon as he finished that sentence I was gone with the wind. If you're wondering why, its because I am still a virgin and I want my first time to be special and Justin knows that so that's why he used it as a threat. I mean don't get me wrong I would love to do it with Justin but I don't think I'm ready. I got interrupted by a knocking on the door. Good thing I locked it.

Justin: Baaaabbbyyyy its past 69 seconds....

Isabella: Noooooo its 61...62..

   I was counting while washing my hands. As soon as I got to 67 I was out the bathroom and into Justin's arms. I looked deep into his hazel brown eyes and I could tell that he was too tired to do anything.

Justin: I missed you too much

Isabella: Well I'm right here. Babe I can tell that you're tired so lets go to bed.

Justin: Fine but I want a kiss.

I kissed his cheek.

Justin: No! A real kiss on the lips baaaaabbbyyyy

Isabella: Fiiinnneeeeee

   I kissed his lips quickly, but then he brought his lips down to mine again. I kissed back as he deepened the kiss. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, not breaking the kiss. We got to the bed and he set me down gently and got on top of me. He kissed me one last time before he laid next to me.

Justin: I love you Isabella Marie Hamilton

Isabella: As I love you Justin Drew Bieber

And with that we both drifted off to sleep.




When I woke up again I smelled something not-so-pretty and Justin was gone.

Isabella: Oh great

   I said to myself as I walked out into the kitchen. Justin had on an apron that said 'kiss the cook' and a chef's hat.The air was full of smoke.

Isabella: What the hell happened in here!?

I said coughing as the heavy smoke filled my lungs

Justin: Making you lunch...Surprise!?

He said with a smile. I could only laugh at how cute his attempt was.

Isabella: Awe baaabbbee! You are so sweet! Just one question...what were you trying to make?

I said, picking up a piece of bread so burnt it looked like a piece of charcoal.

Justin: Grilled cheese! I don't know what I did wrong.

   He said looking down sadly at the piece of, now burnt-to-a-crisp, toast. I walked up to him and grabbed the spatula out of his hand and set it in the sink. I put my hands around his neck and kissed him. He kissed back, he put his hands on my waist, and rubbed my lower back. I giggled and he spun me around not releasing his grip. He pushed me against the wall and we started to make out as he grabbed my butt. All of a sudden, we heard a loud noise screech from the kitchen. It was the fire alarm. We both pulled away and I hit my head against the wall.

Isabella: Ouch!

Justin: Damn, I forgot to open the windows and let the smoke out!

He sprinted to the kitchen, opened a few windows, then ran back to me.

Justin: Baby, you ok?

Isabella: Yeah, but I hit my head on the wall really hard and you kinda bit my lip when you jumped back.

Justin: Oh my god, your lip is bleeding a little. I'll go get you an ice pack.

   He ran off into the kitchen and I followed him. He was so adorable and caring. He led me to the bedroom and tucked me into bed with the ice pack on my head. He slowly wiped the blood from my lip and dabbed a wet paper towel on it so it would stop bleeding.

Justin: Babe, I'm really sorry

Isabella: It's fine love. I just need a little rest, that's all.

I smiled. He looked so worried and it wasn't even that big of a deal.

Justin: Ok. when you wake up again I'll make something simple, okay?

Isabella: Sounds good to me.

I smiled weakly and he leaned over and kissed me gently.

Justin: Sleep well. I love you.

Isabella: I will, thanks again babe. I don't know what I would do without you. I love you so much

Justin: Anything for you. And I love you more babe.

He winked at me, and with that I fell into a deep sleep.

Justin's POV

   I left Isabella in my bed, while I went to clean up the kitchen. I can't believe that my planned back-fired, badly. I feel so bad that Izzy got hurt. She said she's fine but for some reason I don't believe her. An hour and a half later I was done cleaning the kitchen, I decided to wake up Isabella and make her some cereal. I went over to Izzy and whispered in her ear.

Justin: Baby wake up I made you cereal.

Isabella: Mmmmm that sounds good, as long as you didn't burn them.

I laughed at her remark.

Justin: No of course not baby, I'm not that bad at cooking.

Isabella: Alright, but will you carry me please?

Justin: Of course! Anything for my girl.

   I winked at her, then grabbed her lower back, and carried her bridal style all the way to the couch. She was very light and delicate. I gave her the cereal I made her, and put her on my lap. I turned on the TV, but the door flew open. I looked at the door frame and Ryan, Chaz, and Alfredo stood there with goofy smirks. I was so confused and so was Isabella.

Justin: Woah guys I didn't know you were all coming today!

Ryan: Yeah dude, we wanted to surprise you...and your lady friend?

He said with confusion written all over his face.

Isabella: Ah Justin I see you haven't told your friends about us?

I gulped loudly because she looked kind of mad.

Justin: Uh yeah baby you said that you wanted to keep us private.

Chaz: So private that you couldn't tell your friends?

Why was everyone mad at me?

Justin: Guys I'm sorry, but I want Izzy and I's relationship to work...

Isabella poked my side and then kissed my cheek. I guess she wasn't mad.

Alfredo: Come on guys stop messing around! That's awesome Justin I'm happy for both of you. But I think you should introduce your 3 best friends EVER!

Justin: Alright then. Ryan, Chaz, Fredo, this is Isabella, the love of my life.

Everybody awed and Izzy blushed.

Ryan's POV

   I'll admit, I was kinda jealous. I mean yeah Justin is my best friend, and I trust him with my life, but Isabella is just straight up sexy! Where the hell did he find her? She looks like Cassie in 2006. Her long, curly, dark brown hair fell over her perfectly shaped shoulders. Her caramel colored skin went perfectly with the glow in her blue/gray colored eyes. She was also the perfect weight, I'd say she was around 120. She isn't super short, but she is not tall. She's probably like 3 or 4 inches shorter than Justin. The girl has muscle too! Her personality is just over the top. She's funny, bubbly, serious, happy wrapped in one body! She is definitely not shy!

Isabella: Um hello?!?! RYAN STOP LOOKING AT ME!

Justin: Dude, stop checking out my lady!

Ryan: O-oh my god! I'm so sorry I-I was j-just th-thinking.

Chaz: Mmhmm sure you were.

I looked at Chaz and gave him the 'youbettershutthefuckupbeforeislaptheshitoutofyou' look.



*A/N: Haii guys! Well here's another chapter I will definitely be updating tomorrow, and maybe I will write more than one chapter, but idk its up to you!! lol anyways just got back from camping and Sidney fell asleep on me again :( so imma go but remember ily byeeeeeeeeeeee lovesssss <3*




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