Kenny's Daughter....

Justin's main bodyguard, Kenny, has a daughter, Isabella. What happens when Kenny brings the daughter nobody knew about on the Believe Tour? Will Justin fall for Isabella, will Isabella feel the same way? Read to find out....


7. Radio Interview part 2

Scooter's POV

Justin is late like always.


I checked my phone. 2 new texts. One from Kenny and one from Justin.

From: Kenny

Hey man we just pulled up.

From: Justin

Srry Scoot, but the guys came early and we had 2 catch up.

To: Kenny

Good, get Justin in here.

To: Justin

Fine! But hurry up, ur lucky that Nick pushed ur time back.

I sent the messages and apologized to Nick, Shaggy, and Trish.

Nick: Its cool man, I understand.

Scooter: Thanks.

As soon as I finished apologizing the whole gang arrived.

Scooter: Finally!

Justin: Sorry but-

Chaz: We decided to show up early!! SURPRISE!!!!!

Scooter: Shut up haha I get it. Now Izzy and Justin get set up.

Alfredo: Thanks Scoot for understanding.

Scooter: Welcome.

Shaggy: Alright so is it okay if we have Justin first, then Isabella, then them together?

Scooter: Yeah.

   Trish grabbed Justin's arm and led him to the backroom. I looked at Izzy and she looked...jealous? Justin came back and immediately hugged Izzy. Are they together? I don't think so, I don't think Kenny would let her, but then again Kenny is smiling at Justin and Izzy. I'll ask later. Justin sat down and Nick started talking.

Nick: We have the one and only Justin Bieber with us today.

Justin: Hey guys!

Shaggy: So Justin you called earlier and said that you wanted to...rap?

Wait, what? This was not planned!

Justin: Yeah I did and after, if you guys don't mind, I have an important question to ask, on air.

Trish: Yeah sure we don't mind.

Justin: Good.

Nick started the song Otis.

Nick: Here it is...

Justin: Alright...alright...Justin Bieber, damn, damn JB where the hell you been, yeah I got a new necklace diamonds, 2 big face rollies, no I ain't lyin, makin momma so proud that she cryin, yeah you say I'm crazy, guess that makes two, but I never knew that dreams really came true, started playing drums when I was only 2, now we kick it in Japan Kong-Fu, so I'm heading for the gold, I'm sweating, I swear Otis Redding we'll be oh so ready, I already got ahead-y of the game, I'm with Kenny and we steady getting many, I mean money, uh, riding in the all black Benz, with the all black rims, and we lookin at some tens through our all black lenses...wait I'm not done

Nick: Oooohhh he's not done!!!

Trish: Daaaaaayyyyuuummmmmmm

Justin: Wait...wait, I thanked Jesus at the awards I'm never going to hell, call me Zach Morris I'm saving you by the bell, my girl says I'm perfect, she just loves an imperfect persons perfectly personally I think she is perfectly perfect, I get it done abundantly she wants to get up under me, I swear that I got a hundred these 'cause baby I'm a money tree, so be my little honey be my little bitty bunny, I got honeys all up on me, baby I just get it done-y, possibly your probably thinkin this type of swag is impossible, and logically well probably, but you just take me lyrically, try to feel me spiritually, get out your mind literally, there's a bigger me inside this little me screamin out, I should make history I am like a mystery, hated by jealousy 'cause they envy me, run up on my enemies, see if they remember me, soon as they remember me, I wipe away their memory...can't you see the private jets flyin over you I ain't even notice but my focus on my photos might be bogus, no they shouldn't be a photo shoot, its funny how you wanna take my picture and its like your first time, playin with the camera claiming that its not mine, just calm down, you don't gotta hurry, look-look don't be nervous, you-you don't gotta worry, and my fans are like my glasses yeah without 'em I'd be blurry.

Shaggy: Well damn.

Nick: Wow man! How'd you come up with those lyrics?

Justin: They just came to my mind.

Trish: Wow. I think I know who your girl is.

Trish looked over at Isabella and winked at her.

Justin: Yeah but I have to make it official.

Trish: What? You haven't asked her yet?

Justin: No...and I'm so sorry for that....Isabella Marie Hamilton, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?

Isabella stood there in shock. Everybody starting awing and kept saying "say yes".

Isabella: Yes!

Justin got up and ran to her and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Isabella's POV

I smiled through the kiss and Justin pulled back.

Justin: Told you to wait.

Isabella: Whatever, now go and finish.

Justin smiled at me then quickly kissed my lips again. This is great but, am I really ready for all the hate, and drama? I really don't care as long as I am with him. He turned around and hugged me.

Justin: I love you.

Isabella: I love you too.

*A/N: Hey so there's the chapter. Tell me if you like it. And I know that rap is old but I really like it and I learned too lol but yeah if you wanna see Justin actually rapping that then go on youtube and search: Justin Bieber rapping

Click the Otis rap, its really good. Anyways byeeeeeee loves <3*






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