Kenny's Daughter....

Justin's main bodyguard, Kenny, has a daughter, Isabella. What happens when Kenny brings the daughter nobody knew about on the Believe Tour? Will Justin fall for Isabella, will Isabella feel the same way? Read to find out....


2. Mom?!?!

Justin's POV

 Scooter: Justin text this number on your way to the ODU Campus. Okay?

Justin: What?!?! Waaaiiittt are you trying to set me-

Scooter: No! Now just go its an emergency!

Justin: What kind of emergency?

Scooter: Kenny needs help, he has a daughter, I'm about to give you her number so you can text her and tell her what's going on. Kenny will drive you to ODU and you guys will pick her up! Okay here's her number 757-555-4627 got it?!

Justin: Fine, gimme the keys to the Range Rover, its faster... and how am I supposed to tell her what's going on, if I don't know myself?!



   So many questions! But with Scooter its 'he tells you what to do and you do it'! I didn't know that Kenny had a daughter. Why didn't he tell me? I thought we told each other everything! But I guess not. Whatever. I'll talk to him later. I got the keys from Scooter and when I walked out I saw Kenny pacing back and forth.

Justin: Kenny! Dude its alright! ODU is just a couple of minutes away! Chill...


Justin: I know, I know. Your daughter that nobody knew about is in trouble!

   I said in frustration as I jumped into the car, me in the driver's seat 'cause I drive faster and better.

Isabella's POV

   Class was finally over! As soon as we were dismissed I whipped out my phone and read my other texts.

From: Dad :)

Isabella, sweetie I'm picking you up from ODU be out in the parking lot as soon as you read this

From: Dad :)

Bells? Where are you I don't see you!

From: Dad :)

Bells plz this is an emergency!

From: Dad :)

Bells just meet me in your apartment, if you see somebody with me, don't be scared its Justin.

   Justin?!? What the fuck is he doing here? And what's this 'emergency everyone is talking about? Why is dad here? Ugh! Too many questions that need answers! I shook my head and started walking out to my car while reading my other texts.

From: Unknown

Hi! Is this Isabella's #? If so I'm Justin and I'm with your dad and he's freaking! I'm supposed 2 tell u what's happening but I don't know either...

From: Unknown

Isabella we r goin 2 ur apartment so meet us there k?

   What the hell? Doesn't everyone know that I have classes? How the hell did Justin get my number anyways? As I was walking to my car door somebody grabbed me and a big black van came and last thing I remember is getting shoved in and!?!


Mom: Honey, I have to go!

Isabella: NO! Mom please don't leave me, dad will be ruined! I will be ruined! Mom please

Mom: I'm sorry but Jack loves me...

Isabella: MOM NO HE DOESN'T! Making you sell drugs for him is NOT love! Mom please don't leave...

   I started crying. You would think that an eight year old would know nothing about drugs and love but I am not a normal eight year old. My mom left me and my dad....for a bad man who sells drugs. It all started when I was 6. My mom and I went out for ice cream, because I got a good report from my teacher. When we finally reached the counter a big white man bumped into my mom and my mom bumped into me and I fell. The man said he was sorry and my mom instantly fell in love with him. I knew he was bad just by the look in his eyes. But I was young and nobody believed me. The man's name was Jack. When my dad found Scooter and Justin he was gone a lot. While my dad was gone, Jack was over all the time! For 2 fucking years I learned a lot about drugs and toxic love. Then when I was eight she just left with that bastard Jack!

*End of Flashback*

   I woke up in a dark room with only one source of light, a small light bulb on top of me. I looked around but I was too dizzy so I stopped. I blinked a couple of times and thought about who I saw in the van.

Mom: Honey stop thinking and talk to me

Isabella: TALK TO YOU?!? What the fuck mom wait no I mean Laci! First you fall in love with a fucking drug dealer, then you leave dad and I, and now after 11 fucking years you drug ME and kidnap me and EXPECT ME to talk TO YOU?! That doesn't sound right does it?!?!

Mom: Hon-

Isabella: NO! You have no right to call me that! After you left me and dad you lost that right!

Mom: Fine but I needa tell you something....



*A/N Haii guyssss! Thanks for liking my story lol this is my first one and I wanna make it good ya know? Anyways if you like it then like it and put it on your favorite list lol. Tomorrow will be the last day I will be able to update until like mid next week so I wanted to make it long and leave you guys guessing lol. What do you guys think will happen?? Hmmmm I don't know either lol. Byeeeee loves <3*





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