Kenny's Daughter....

Justin's main bodyguard, Kenny, has a daughter, Isabella. What happens when Kenny brings the daughter nobody knew about on the Believe Tour? Will Justin fall for Isabella, will Isabella feel the same way? Read to find out....


3. Help

Kenny's POV

Kenny: What's taking her so long?

Justin: Kenny, dude relax she has classes, and maybe she's hanging out with her boyfriend...does she have one?

Kenny: I hope not! She would tell least I think she would. But that's not the point! The point is that my daughter-

Justin: Nobody knew about...

   I gave Justin a serious look. He knows I don't like it when people interrupt me when I'm talking. But I do understand that he's mad at me because I didn't tell him about Isabella, but in my defense how am I supposed to tell someone something like that?

Kenny: Look Justin I'm sorry that I didn't-

Justin : Nah man you're all good, but we will talk about this later! So finish what you were saying.

Kenny: What I was trying to say is that my daughter is in trouble.

Justin: How do you-

   My phone starter ringing causing Justin to stop talking. I picked up my phone and looked at the screen. It was ISABELLA! I immediately answered the call. But all I heard was....Laci?

Laci: Isabella you should know that...Jack forced me to leave with him!

Isabella: Bull fucking shit! I don't and never will believe you. Dad told me what you told him the night you were packing up all your shit to leave with that bastard!

Laci: HEY! Watch your mouth young lady! Do not disrespect your stepfather like that!

   As soon as I heard stepfather I went off! I can't believe that married her, and trusted her! I knew Laci would try to take Isabella but I never thought it would be now! I have no idea what Laci will do to her! Ever since she met that bastard Jack, she has been going crazy! I think wait no I know that she is taking drugs! How could she not when all she is around are drugs? I looked at Justin and he was doing something with his phone. He tried mouthing something but I didn't know what he was trying to say. He turned his phone towards me and I saw an address. Justin grabbed the keys and we left.



   I froze. I started gripping my seatbelt really hard that my hand started to burn. But I didn't care. All I could think about was that slap. Did Laci really just hit HER OWN daughter? Oh hell no! That crazy bitch better never touch her! I couldn't keep it in anymore, I had to say something. I started yelling into the phone, hoping that Laci's crazy ass would hear me!


Laci: What the fuck? Isabella? You brought your phone?

Isabella: Yeah and I'm surprised you haven't found it yet...oh wait no I'm not 'cause you're fucking stupid!


Laci: Don't you-


Laci: Oh Kenny. Ha! You're never gonna find us. So you mine as well shut the hell up!

Kenny: That's what you think! But next time you wanna kidnap someone you might wanna check for a phone and turn it off so it won't get traced...

   I looked up at the warehouse that the address belonged to. I saw Laci's head in a window. Her face lit up with fury. Well so did my fists. Of course I would never hit a girl, but Laci wasn't a girl. She was a monster. If it came down to me hitting her I would just to get my daughter back! I heard Isabella scream something before the phone went dead she said...


Justin's POV

   This so crazy! What are we going to do? I didn't know what do, I've never Kenny like this. Normally I'm the one all mad and sad but this time its him.

Justin: Kenny what are we going to do?

Kenny: We are getting Izzy back.

Justin: Okay! And where is she going to go after we get her back? I know we both don't want her here, you mainly live with me, she can come on tour with us.

Kenny: Yeah, okay thanks man! Now lets get her back.

   Kenny got out of the car and so did I. We walked into the warehouse and I heard what must be Isabella screaming for help. Kenny and I ran up to the 3rd floor. There was only one door. Kenny barged through the door and I followed hoping that Isabella wasn't dead because the screaming stopped as soon as we got to the door. All we saw when we walked through the door was Laci holding Isabella at gun point.

Kenny: Laci come on, she is your daughter. Are you really gonna kill her?

Laci: No, but I never said anything about you...two! Who is this anyways? Your little back up? Wow nice Kenny, I thought you were smarter than that!

Kenny: And I thought that you would be smarter than to kidnap your own daughter!

   I looked at Isabella she was just staring at me. She moved her eyes slowly to a brick by the wall. I looked at it then back at her and now her eyes were on her mom. She wanted me to throw a brick at her mom. I looked at Laci and Kenny. They were yelling at each other. Now was my chance. I ran to the brick and threw it quickly at Laci. It hit her leg, she fell to the ground. Kenny ran over to her and grabbed the gun from her hands. I think she was knocked out, I mean she did hit her head pretty hard. Kenny ran over to Isabella and gave her a tight hug.

Isabella: Daddy! I'm sorry-

Kenny: No! You didn't do anything wrong. I'm sorry that I texted you during class. Did u get in trouble?

Isabella: Yeah...but don't worry my Professor just gave me a warning...Justin thank you, for reading my mind and helping out my dad. I'm glad you came.

Kenny: Yeah thanks man, I owe you.

Justin: No problem, I'm glad your safe. Now umm I don't want you at your apartment anymore, for obvious reasons, and your dad is always with me, so I was wondering if you wanna join me on my Believe Tour?

Kenny: Yeah, Izzy I'm with Justin on this.

Isabella: Well how can I say no?

Justin: Yeah?

Isabella: Yeah.

   Isabella came over to me and gave me a hug. I held on to her waist while she grabbed my neck. I'll admit, she looks beautiful! Her hair smells good too! We separated and when I looked at Kenny he had a smirk on his face. I laughed quietly, but then I heard Laci groan. Isabella looked at Kenny and I and we were all on the same page...RUN!

Isabella's POV

   Justin drove us to my apartment to get my stuff. After I was done packing dad said that he will run and get us Wendy's for dinner before we go. As soon as I heard the front door close, I felt eyes on me. I turned around and Justin was inches away from me. I'll have to admit he is pretty hot. I stared into his hazel eyes. I bit my lip afraid that we wouldn't be able to control ourselves. Justin read my mind and he grabbed my waist and pulled me close to his body. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his head towards mine. Our lips roughly pushed together, after that they moved in sync. Justin licked my bottom lip asking for an entrance, I accepted without any hesitation. This little make out session went to bed, me on top of Justin. I don't know how this happened. I decided to stop before my dad comes back.

Isabella: Justin....

Justin: Izzy....

Isabella: You know we can't do this, not now!

Justin: I know but I can't help it!

Isabella: Me either...maybe we can finish later.

   As soon as I said that, my dad walked through the front door. I quickly got off of Justin and pretended to put away some clothes in my bag.

Kenny: Hey guys! Come on lets go!

   With that Justin and I looked at each other in relief. Now that this happened, what will happen next?



*A/N: Hey! So yep there's chapter 3. I wanted to make it long because I won't be able to update till next Wednesday. What should happen next? You guys get to pick the next chapter! I'm open for all idea's! I'm only taking them tomorrow night before I go camping! So yeah Kik me: Milanah00

Byeeeeeeeeee loves <3 mwah*


















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