Love Story

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Anna has been through a lot, especially in terms of friendship. But when she sees her best friend Lily acting like they're no longer friends, everything in terms of her social life seems to be lost. In the weeks long after the party she finds herself in love with a guy who saved her from sobbing that night, realising that maybe she can have the love story she's always dreamed of. What's stopping her now?


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“Please don’t go!” I yell at the top of my voice, pulling hard on Tyler’s sleeve, but he’s yanking it away.

“Just get out!” My father’s voice is loud, demanding, and everything is so overwhelming all I want to do is hide somewhere deep, dark, Tyler by my side.

“But he’s done nothing wrong!” I scream, tears streaming down my face so fast I can’t stop them. “He’s said sorry and he knows he did wrong.”

“Why can’t you understand that we’re here to keep you safe, and don’t want you getting hurt?” My Mum cries, tears pricking her eyes like nails popping a water balloon.

“Why can’t you understand that this is what I want?”

Everyone goes silent. Suddenly this is all so real – everything is happening so fast, so quick, it’s hard to keep track of the time. My mind is buzzing, the world a sudden blur around me.

But it’s not soon before I see it: I watch as Tyler slips out the door – tired, red-eyed, fed-up.

He can’t give up on me like this; I’d do anything for him.

And that’s when I feel like the world is against me, and I’m the victim.

“I hate you!” I scream at my parents, “I hate that you can’t see what I’m feeling!”


“Just stop it!” I freeze halfway up the stairs, watching their anxious expressions, the anger plastered across their faces. “Just stop trying to be helpful, okay? Stop trying to be the perfect parents you think of being. This is true love I’m feeling and I just can’t let it go.”


I must have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, because the next thing I know light is streaming through the gap in my curtains and I’m faced with another dreary morning. Raindrops spatter the window as I pull back the curtains and I already know this is going to be the worst day ever.


Lasting a day at school is tougher than I thought. The fight from last night is still rewinding in my mind.

I hate you.

I hate that you can’t see what I’m feeling.

Why can’t you understand that this is what I want?


Life doesn’t seem to wake up for me until the morning of the 10th of November, weeks after the argument. Suddenly, it’s a bright start - the sun is shining and I feel surprisingly happy.

I haven’t seen Tyler since he left that night, and things with my parents haven’t exactly gone back to how they were. Breakfast is still a time that I wish to miss and this morning my parents don’t seem to mind when I tell them I’m off to the coffee shop.

Strolling along, I feel like I can forget about the argument that happened weeks ago. Tyler still sits in the pit of my stomach but I know he’s forbidden (as if my parents haven’t made that clear enough).

Love is hard, ruthless, never-ending. Thinking about it, I’m still connected to Tyler, in a way that I’ve never been connected to anyone. All I know is that maybe all the wires linking us together have gotten mixed up. Maybe they don’t fit the right plugs or are tangled at the bit in the middle.

So when I think I can maybe just get over him, I suddenly have a change of plan. Instead of heading to the coffee shop, I decide to walk towards Tyler’s house. Why? Who knows? If any day is going to work for me, this is it. This is the brightest day of the year for me and maybe that’s just a hint?

As I’m walking along I feel a sense of drive, passion. My heart is suddenly beating so fast I’m almost running, and I’m so ecstatic I can hardly breathe.

Then I see him.

And my heart stops.

Tyler’s standing over there, fiddling with something in his hand. As I walk over to him, edging closer, he looks up at me – our eyes meet in an instant. Then he jerks backward, slipping something into his pocket.

“Hi,” I say to him, the first word said between us in ages.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you.” He says straight, a smile reaching his face as he steps closer.

“Really?” I ask, suddenly self-conscious as he stands only inches away from my face.

“Yeah and I have something to ask you too…”

Somehow, I can feel my eyes tearing up as he reaches his hand into his pocket, pulling a tiny velvet box out of his jeans. Holding it up, he kneels down on one knee.

“Oh my Tyler, I…”

He cuts me off by wiping the tears streaming down my face, making my lips twitch into a smile.  I think about if this is what I really want. Of course, he would only kneel down like this for one reason…

I’ve always wanted you Romeo.

Why do I suddenly have to question myself about it?

But when he pulls open the lid, the shiny silver ring glistening inside, I know this is what I want, but not my family.

“My parents won’t…”

“Shh.” He puts a finger to my lips. Suddenly, I’m lost for words. “Everything will be alright.”

Then he kisses me right there. Just like that.

And suddenly, this is the love story I’ve always dreamed of.


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