Love Story

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Anna has been through a lot, especially in terms of friendship. But when she sees her best friend Lily acting like they're no longer friends, everything in terms of her social life seems to be lost. In the weeks long after the party she finds herself in love with a guy who saved her from sobbing that night, realising that maybe she can have the love story she's always dreamed of. What's stopping her now?


2. ~2~

“Anna, where are you going?” My Dad calls out to me one morning, whilst he mows the lawn in the front garden.

“Lily’s,” I lie, even though I’m one hundred percent certain I still don’t want to go near her, even though the party was weeks ago.

I mean, I could tell my Dad the truth. I could tell him that I’m going out to be alone so I can think through everything that has happened between me and Lily, but mainly what has formed with me and Tyler.  But I can’t. Somewhere I feel that this needs to be kept a secret. After all, I don’t know if Tyler feels the same way about me, and at the moment, things don’t look like they’re coming my way.

When I reach the local coffee shop, I seat myself down by the window and order myself a hot chocolate when the waitress comes over to ask for my order. Somehow I find myself looking at her eyes – like golden sparkles – and her smile shining like the sun. Why do some people have to be so beautiful? Why can’t I be like her and just get all the guys I want, like Tyler?

As I watch her walk back over to the till I see a guy standing there, swinging his arm around her waist and pulling her in closer, making her giggle. I try to flick this out of my mind but I can’t. Tyler is like a constant figure in my mind, and no matter how hard I try to push him out he’s lying there afloat.

I can’t do this.

Pushing myself up from the table I grab my bag and take a run to the door, but a hand places on my shoulder before I can even step outside. Great, I didn’t realise I hadn’t paid for the drink.

“I’m sorry I just…” I start to say, turning on my heels, but I stop, stunned, when I’m met with a short brown-haired guy, his shining blue eyes level with mine, not the lover-girl waitress.

“Hello” is all he has to say for me to remember that night on the balcony. Just that tone of his voice and the friendly smile he gave me - the one he gives me now.

“Tyler…” I breathe, tilting my head to the side. He’s so much cuter than I remembered. Only just realising I’m staring at him in a daze, I pull myself together.

“I mean, hey, how are you doing?” I say, surprising myself with how casual and calm I sound.

“Yeah I’m good. I just wondered how you were doing.”

He wondered. Wow. He wonders about me?

“Oh, yeah,” I say suddenly, realising the awkward silence between us, “I’m good.”

“Really? Because I didn’t mean to tell everyone that you exaggerated the story and that you pulled me outside, I just…” He trails off, unsure of how else to describe it.

How could he, I think.

But out loud I say, “Yeah it’s fine. Honestly.”

He grabs my arm abruptly, steering me to the side so we’re out the way of someone who wants to get to the door. After they’ve walked past I look down, and sure enough he’s still holding it.

“Umm, sorry,” He stammers, letting go immediately, “Let’s sit down.”

He doesn’t seem to mind me looking him dazedly in the eyes as we sit opposite each other at the table in the corner. I want to ask him now how he feels about us, but he only wants to know about me.

“Are you sure you’re alright? Lily was so awful to you and I was no better.” I nod as he says this, trying not to smile too much in his presence.

“Okay? Good. I’m so glad you’re fine about all that,” He says, grinning.

And suddenly it’s as if all the mess up in between when we met and now never even happened. Suddenly, he’s back to the guy who I met that night. Now, what I see, is the real Tyler.

Why does my love for him have to suffer so much more now?


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